Removing the Complexity of Procurement

FedEx provides logistics and supply chain services to individual and corporate customers in more than 220 countries.  As one of MCPC’s earliest customers, FedEx was one of the first carriers to provide high-volume customers with elaborate and complex shipping systems using FedEx compliant labels that often integrated into customer’s ERP systems.

FedEx turned to MCPC with these business priorities:

  • Remove the complexity of procuring, provisioning, staging and kitting and repairing more than 15,000 components per week  

FedEx turned to MCPC with these IT priorities:

  • Personalize each shipping system to ensure it arrived kitted and ready for use at customer locations throughout the country
  • Achieve a next business day service level
  • Provide scalability to address seasonality

How MCPC responded:

  • Designed and built a set of high-velocity work streams that met FedEx’s demanding supply chain requirements while adhering to their ISO quality standards
  • Allowed FedEx to grow its capacity exponentially to meet customer demands,
  • Met FedEx’s growing demands by increasing its own warehouse and configuration capacity, ultimately launching an automated facility in Erlanger, Kentucky, where MCPC loaded containers directly onto FedEx aircraft.
  • Integrated directly into FedEx internal systems, sharing key customer data in real-time and assisted FedEx in sourcing and negotiating all the components of the complex system that included pieces and parts from more than 10 suppliers, saving FedEx millions of dollars in hardware acquisition costs throughout the engagement.
  • Met FedEx’s aggressive price point while delivering reliable solutions to its customers.
  • Applied specialized skills to repair and extend the useful life of the many components that FedEx provided its customers.

Why FedEx values MCPC:

  • Built a long-term strategic partnership with FedEx that extended beyond shipping systems and positioned MCPC as an extension of FedEx’s IT and product management organization.
  • MCPC became an extension of the FedEx technology and product management team that included MCPC providing technical training to FedEx field personnel.
  • Innovated several process improvements to meet quality and service level demands.
  • Credited by FedEx for being agile enough to keep pace with a global organization with mature business process to maintain
  • MCPC provided elaborate scorecards to report ongoing performance and drive continuous improvement.