Asset Recovery

When a device reaches the end of its lifecycle it may still have value. We enable you to recapture the residual value of your end-of-service equipment with access to real-time market data that indicates whether your assets have value. We’ll advise if it is best to remarket, refurbish and redeploy, or responsibly dispose of your IT equipment.

Desktop computers awaiting dismantling sit inside the MCPC Secure Asset Disposition Center.


How do many IT asset disposition companies provide their services for “free?” They make money reselling your devices.

That’s value that MCPC returns to your organization. We track the fair market value of your technology through a proprietary remarketing portal that provides data on the ideal time for device refreshes based on when the market for a specific piece of equipment is at a peak. This intelligence helps us optimize your total cost of IT ownership.

Refurbish & Redeploy

The most important type of recycling is reuse. MCPC can manage every element of a refurbish and redeploy program from asset collection and reverse logistics to data erasure, physical sanitization, repair, re-imaging, and redeployment.

In some cases, strategic redeployment may be an option, especially if some team members’ jobs demand the most powerful devices on the market and others don’t need cutting edge technology. We can develop a program to cascade devices from power users to more modest users to significantly reduce the cost of technology refreshes.

Donate Assets to Charity

Donating your used IT assets to charity provides a whole new audience access to technology. We prepare equipment for donation by performing data erasure and cleaning, so its new owners receive a like new device. We can also remarket your used equipment allowing you to donate the proceeds to an organization of your choosing.

Sustainable E-Recycling

Doing good for the environment is also good for business. If your technology has no residual value after it is retired, e-recycling may be the only option. MCPC provides complete transparency into when and how your retired assets are recycled in a centralized portal and data related to environmental metrics is recorded to prove your sustainability compliance requirements are achieved.

A badged MCPC employee works inside the Secure Asset Disposition Center.


MCPC and our certified e-recycling partners maintain strict e-waste management standards to ensure it is never processed using prison labor; is never incinerated; and toxic components are never exported to developing countries. MCPC audits our downstream vendors to ensure they provide proof of compliance with environmental regulations. MCPC leaves nothing to chance in maintaining compliance with environmentally responsible e-waste recycling practices.

Environmental Reporting

MCPC provides e-recycling data to prove compliance with environmental regulations and to prove achievement of sustainability goals.

All e-Waste in the United States must be managed in accordance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Failure to comply with RCRA regulations can result in a company being found responsible for illegal waste management – even if that failure is sending e-waste to a non-compliant e-recycler. All MCPC e-recycling is RCRA compliant and we provide the data to prove it.

We provide detailed environmental impact metrics for all IT asset disposition clients, including:

  • Greenhouse gas reduction
  • Solid waste reduction
  • Preservation of non-renewable resources
  • Hazardous waste reduction
  • Toxic material reduction
  • Cost savings
  • And more…


100% data destruction. We guarantee it. The MCPC data destruction program utilizes a three-factor process:

• Data erasure: device data is overwritten multiple times, rendering it unrecoverable
• Degaussing: storage media is exposed to a powerful magnetic field, making it unreadable
• Physical destruction: storage media is shredded or pulverized

Data destruction reporting provides and audit trail to prove your compliance with HIPAA, FERPA, PCI DSS, HITECH, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, GDPR and state legislation.


Non-secured logistics create a blind spot in secure IT asset disposition, exposing you to risk of data loss, asset damage, and asset theft. To prevent this, MCPC comes to you to mitigate risk and to prove compliance and adherence to strict collecting, recording, and confirmation procedures.

In scenarios where the need to secure data is so great that devices cannot leave your location, MCPC provides onsite services to de-install technology, wipe data, and degauss and shred storage media.

Asset Reporting

MCPC provides a centralized asset intelligence portal that records every action with your assets to prove compliance. This also allows you to complete visibility to the status of your devices and the data bearing components within them and to measure success against company goals, industry peers, and regulatory requirements.

ITAD Certifications

ITAD Facility, 4371 Pearl Rd. Old Brooklyn, OH 44109

ori iso 9001:2015 certified
ori iso 14001:2015 certified
aaa naid certified
estewards certified

Learn how MCPC IT Asset Disposition can help with your organization’s sustainability goals.