Hardware Asset Management

The modern work from anywhere workforce has required organizations to quantify every hardware and software asset to enhance cybersecurity, reduce technology spend, improve operational efficiency, provide complete visibility, and speed data-based decision making and overall business agility.

Laptops, tablets and smartphones are stacked on top of one another.

Enhance cybersecurity

Asset governance shores-up your cybersecurity program with patch status information, hardware and software standard catalogs, identification of unauthorized assets, and data sensitivity.

Reduce technology spend

Know exactly what assets you have on-hand to avoid overordering or allowing purchased assets to become outdated and obsolete.

Improve operational efficiency

Record device manufacturer, model, serial number, age, status, condition, assignment, location, life history, and other relevant data in a powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based application.

Unparalleled visibility

Aggregate data from procurement systems, ITSM (ticketing) systems, and others. Provide dashboards, reporting, and notifications and enhance visibility into your technology fleet to control spending and reduce cybersecurity risk.

Software Asset Management

Could your organization prove complete software license compliance if it were audited tomorrow? Software audits are increasing, as are the fines of non-compliance, and no one is exempt. Can you afford to spend 60 working days (or more) addressing audit requests or exorbitant license compliance true-up fees? Could you defend yourself in an audit dispute?

MCPC Software Asset Management enables your organization to improve financial management and spending, reduce license compliance risk, defend yourself in an audit, and negotiate better contracts.

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Optimize spending

Minimize your software spend by purchasing under appropriate licensing models, fulfilling new software requests with reclaimed unused licenses, and avoiding licensing compliance true-up fees and penalties.

Maintain software license compliance

Understand your licensing position for any of the major software publishers (like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, et al) and address non-compliance issues, minimize the risk of financial penalties from a license audit, and uncover realistic and achievable savings.

Effective audit defense

Our team of ex-auditors will establish a factual and independent verification of your software license position, and using your actual compliance, negotiate the settlements, often reducing the financial penalty by over 75% or, in some cases, eliminating settlement fees entirely.

Negotiate better contracts

Software license contracts are complex, and each publisher includes unique clauses or license metrics. MCPC will help your organization with new software contracts and renewals by baselining your current software position, defining your business requirements, establishing a negotiation strategy, and ensuring a fully cost-optimized agreement with minimized audit risk.

(Our Software Asset Management services are independent of revenue generation from software sales which enables us to truly optimize expenditures for MCPC clients.)

It all uses the Keystone Intelligence Platform

MCPC brings together your technology logistics, endpoint device management, cybersecurity, and hardware and software asset data into one platform that provides advanced analytics, dashboards, and proactive reporting of software renewals, hardware refreshes, and cybersecurity compliance to drive your endpoint defense and business offense.

Best of all, MCPC IT Asset Management is compatible with all device types, integrates with essential databases, and is a convenient, monthly subscription-based service.

Learn how MCPC IT Asset Management simplifies your endpoint management complexity.