Until recently, workplace technology was all on-site. There was an accounting server, an HR server, a server for shared folders and work, and each user connected via their desktop which was plugged into the wall. That was your network infrastructure.

But with the rapid pace of change, the modern technology infrastructure may be all-cloud, some cloud and some on-premise, hybrid, private cloud, public cloud, shared cloud, etc. Users may be on-site, remote, or hybrid. Each organizational infrastructure presents its own challenges as well as advantages and disadvantages which requires expertise to unravel and make effective recommendations.

Your infrastructure is a key part of your digital transformation. Moving key organizational technology to the cloud allows you to manage your apps easily without having to invest in hardware, like servers and networking.

But how do you get there?

MCPC can help:

  • Deliver cost-effective recommendations for your tech infrastructure
  • Manage your enterprise licensing program to optimize costs and functionality
  • Meet all your cybersecurity and compliance requirements
  • Improve IT management capabilities and analytics
  • Lower your total cost of ownership
  • Recommend strategies for your entire tech stack

Using trusted Microsoft Azure technology, we can help build, monitor, and manage your critical cloud infrastructure and integrate all your Microsoft products to help you outpace the rapid pace of change.

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Collaboration and Productivity

Welcome to the digital workplace. It exists wherever your employees are, and it, more than anything else, is driving digital transformation.

The modern workplace, powered by Microsoft services and tools, offers the technology and software that employees love and empowers them to communicate and collaborate with their team members and bring their performance to life.

A modern communications platform can increase productivity and help accelerate your digital transformation. MCPC can help your teams be creative and focus on, build, and share ideas to meet business needs and successfully collaborate across business units, locations, and time zones, all using Microsoft tools and services.

MCPC helps your team members make the greatest possible impact from anywhere, on any device. And do it securely. That’s competence that transforms today’s business and accelerates tomorrow’s growth.

The next step is having MCPC evaluate your organization for business fit and migration to Microsoft collaboration tools, like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams. Windows 11, Windows 365, or Microsoft Viva.

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Data and Analytics

You have data – lots of it – but what do you do with it?

Put it to work with Microsoft services and tools that turn your data into actionable information to help your organization stay on the forefront of digital transformation.

MCPC can bring together all your data at scale to deliver descriptive analytics and empower your organization to gain valuable insights. Equally important, we help you protect your valuable business data with the most advanced security and privacy capabilities available.

We can create a holistic, up-to-date map of your data landscape with automated data discovery, sensitive data classification, all within a comprehensive platform for databases, analytics, and data governance.

MCPC brings together the services and technologies that maximize the value of your data to help solve your organization’s biggest challenges.

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Cloud and Cybersecurity

MCPC helps protect and defend your organization with security, compliance, identity, and management solutions that work across your platforms, clouds, and apps.

Using Microsoft services and tools, you can sleep at night knowing your cloud data, systems, and users, are protected

Reduce costs and complexity

with a highly secure cloud infrastructure using Microsoft, which includes multilayered, built-in security controls and threat intelligence to help identify and protect against rapidly evolving threats.

Simplify security

with built-in controls that protect your data and work across identity, networking, and apps.

Detect threats

early and respond quickly with services that are informed by real-time global cybersecurity intelligence. Actionable insights are developed by analyzing 18 billion Bing web pages, 400 billion emails, 1 billion Windows device updates, and 450 billion monthly authentications.

If that’s not enough security, MCPC can provide additional services such as multi-factor authentication and disaster recovery that can restore data in a matter of hours.

We protect your endpoints so you can focus on running your business and be more efficient and proficient at doing what matters most.

Learn more about available Microsoft Assessments for your organization.