Advisory Services

MCPC is your go-to resource for all your organization’s workplace hardware, software, and services needs. We help you drive competitive advantage and revenue growth by putting our technologies, data, and consultative approach into action for you.

MCPC technology advisory services can address tactical pain points like transitioning to M365 or integrating tablet-based processes in your warehouse. We can also bring clarity to high-level business issues like IT asset management and optimizing your technology supply chain.

But it’s much more than consulting. MCPC expertise can help you develop your digital workplace strategies, provide the hardware and software infrastructure to support them, and deliver the tech talent required to execute and manage them.

With MCPC as your proactive partner in this wildly fast-paced world, you always stay ahead of the technology curve.

A team of three professionals, two men and a woman, sit in a glass-walled office workplace conference room and have a meeting.

Supply Chain Assessments

can identify bottlenecks, diagnose the cause of long lead times between IT asset request and delivery, and develop controls to measure the movement and security of assets throughout your inbound and outbound supply chain.

User Segmentation Assessments

organize employees based on their work profiles and technology requirements to define hardware and software needs to reduce cost and increase productivity, improve security, and deliver better support.

Microsoft Assessments

explore your technology environment and processes to determine which Microsoft enterprise solutions support your organizations’ needs and goals.

Apple Assessments

examine your current infrastructure and business needs to create an Apple integration and management strategy that works for your IT team, users, and your organization.

IT Supply Chain

Without a strategy and a dedicated team, the IT procurement process can be complex, time consuming, and expensive. MCPC IT supply chain services dedicate expert resources to assembling, securing, managing, and delivering desk-ready IT inventory.

If your supply chain is inefficient, it will increase your costs, complicate your business processes, and make planning for future improvement difficult.

With MCPC engineering your IT supply chain, you can rest easy knowing your device purchasing is streamlined with procurement on demand, your inventory is protected with secure storage, and your associates get up and running faster with custom kitted technology.

Warehouse full of organized boxes

Integrated IT Procurement

via the MCPC e-commerce portal automates the device request process, centralize asset purchasing, and accurately tracks spending by business unit – all to keep your employees focused on using their time to benefit your organization’s mission, not on administrative tasks.

Secure Warehousing

is an expense even the largest companies try to avoid. MCPC logistics centers are designed with three security levels for inventory storage: general storage on open racks; assets kept in locked cages that can be easily transported; and the highest security option, which requires three-levels of authentication, including an iris scan.

Vendor Managed Inventory

services are informed by logic rather than basic minimum and maximum stocking levels. Our advanced approach analyzes historical IT asset consumption based on requests as well as your forecast and provides real-time visibility of your inventory and to track any order as it progresses through your supply chain.

Secure Kitting and Overpack

delivers new devices, all peripherals, and start-up instructions in the same box to streamline technology transitions and remote deployments and get associates up and running faster. It also reduces the amount of packaging waste typical of technology refreshes. saves you valuable storage space, and simplifies warehouse receiving processes.

Technology Sanitization

improves employee safety by thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing devices and killing illness-causing bacteria before assets are redeployed to new users. When necessary, we can use heat or UV light to kill bacteria and bugs or chemicals to eradicate other unwanted creatures from high-value IT equipment – without damaging its utility.

Configuration and Integration

An essential part of modern business is IT lifecycle management, and that means knowing who is assigned a specific IT asset – and how that asset has been configured. MCPC configuration and integration services creates configuration records for each endpoint we image and provides that data to your IT Service Management (ITSM) database, giving you complete visibility to what’s in your environment.

For users, transferring all their old files, bookmarks, and applications to a new device is often a frustrating experience. MCPC delivers a new device that mirrors the configuration of the old one, getting your users up to speed faster and eliminating exposure to data transfer risk.

Ready to improve cost center spending visibility, eliminate the disruption of device deployments with centralized image management, and maintain compliance by tracking each user configuration in your environment?

Computers lined up on a configuration bench with green check marks on each screen

Technology Provisioning

images your devices and minimizes end user downtime. We ensure consistency and apply, test, and validate your image and settings prior to final shipment. To keep endpoints secure and healthy, we ensure they have current BIOS and drivers, current user access privileges, and the latest patches for desktops and laptops, Windows, Chrome or macOS devices.

Integrated Asset Tracking

brings simplicity to endpoint management complexity and is a basic building block of an effective endpoint strategy. Just like a VIN number can uniquely identify a vehicle, an asset tag helps strengthen your IT asset management processes and improve visibility of your assets in your IT Service Management (ITSM) database and finance and ERP systems with real-time data.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Services

help your organization optimize its mobile device fleet, enroll new hardware assets at scale, update device applications and policies, improve security, minimize downtime, and provide better support with remote troubleshooting and service.

MCPC also streamlines your Apple device management with tools like JAMF to manage your Mac, iPad, and iPhone endpoints with the same level of security, visibility, and manageability that IT uses for other platforms. We help Apple fit in anywhere.


services support your mission-critical legacy applications and provides a secure platform for remote developers without exposing corporate intellectual property or sensitive data, enables controlled access for business partners and customers, and augments business continuity and contingency planning initiatives.

Managed Deployment

Deploying IT assets is an incredibly complex, time consuming activity for your internal IT resources. MCPC managed deployment services allow your IT resources to focus on more strategic projects while improving end user satisfaction and protecting against the risks of being out of warranty or late on your lease return.

Equally important is recovering devices designated for retirement. MCPC handles the intricate reverse logistics to return devices containing years’ worth of data, then completely wiping their storage media, and either redeploying the devices, remarketing them, or having them responsibly and sustainably recycled.

MCPC improves the speed of technology deployment, maintains control of the devices to maintain data security, and minimizes disruption – creating a seamless transition from old device to new one for your end users.

Two workers loading a delivery truck with boxes

Project and Service Delivery Management

makes sure compliance and service delivery requirements are met. During endpoint deployments, MCPC project managers maximize efficiency and minimize risk by managing build and shipping schedules, overseeing complex outbound and reverse logistics, and coordinating directly with end users – all in close collaboration with our clients.

We manage the projects so you can focus on running your business.

Deskside and Remote Deployment

schedules are coordinated while service engineers walk end users through their transition over the phone or deskside.

In-office? Work from home? Hybrid? The modern workplace can be anywhere, and that makes endpoint deployment even more difficult. It’s not realistic to expect the same team that is responsible for your enterprise IT projects to squeeze device deployments into their workload.

Technology Refresh Services

includes getting your deployed assets back, a critical but often overlooked aspect of a device lifecycle management strategy. With MCPC as your proactive endpoint partner, we’ll manage the reverse logistics of the process and account for each device through to final asset disposition, whether that is returning leased assets on time and wiped of sensitive data, or redeploying, remarketing, or recycling owned assets through our IT asset disposition service.

Managed Endpoint

Managed Endpoint is a complete device lifecycle program that combines hardware and accessories from any OEM with managed services to keep the device secure over its lifespan. A convenient subscription provides a predictable cost model and significantly reduces your upfront device investment and improves your financial flexibility with no ownership burden.

The MCPC Managed Endpoint service is focused on productivity first, and then the device. This user-first approach ensures that services, software, and hardware work together seamlessly, providing employees the tools to be more agile, effective, and productive. Devices and services are tailored to meet each unique enterprise persona – for front-line workers, knowledge workers, hybrid and mobile workers, and even IoT devices used in healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries.

As your proactive endpoint partner, we bring value to your entire device value chain, delivering hardware and software, insightful analytics, proactive device management, and end-to-end lifecycle services to help you optimize your assets and IT resources.

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What’s Included:

  • OEM hardware, accessories, and warranty
  • Program management to assist with reporting, fleet analysis, and refresh planning
  • Lifecycle term between 24 months and 48 months
  • Imaging, provisioning, and personalization
  • Asset tagging
  • Kitting
  • Laser etching

Optional Services:

  • Onsite or remote deployment
  • Advanced hardware replacement
  • Managed security services *
    • Endpoint monitoring
    • Managed patching
    • Managed endpoint detection and response
  • Software subscriptions:
    • O365
    • M365
    • Enterprise mobility and security suite

With our innovative approach to endpoint management behind you, there’s nothing but digital transformation ahead.

*MCPC managed security services are delivered by our cyber division, Fortress Security Risk Management

Accounts with 500 or more devices in the Managed Endpoint program will have a dedicated Service Delivery Manager to be your single point of contact to coordinate services, orders, and provide insights through monthly reports and quarterly business reviews.

Learn more about MCPC managed workplace services.