Managing IT for a Fast-Growing HR Solutions Company.

Group Management Service (GMS)

Group Management Services (GMS), is a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) providing HR, payroll, workers compensation, and benefits services to small businesses, allowing them a means to leverage the economies of scale usually exclusive to large corporations.

GMS needed an IT partner that could scale at the pace of their growth and a partner aligned with their IT strategy to simplify, integrate, and automate.


  • Existing IT provider could not keep up with growing support needs of GMS
  • Need to adapt to constantly changing regulatory landscape and constantly changing employees
  • Improve limited IT documentation

How MCPC achieved the objectives:

  • Assumed management of all end-to-end computing responsibility for GMS, including day-to-day internal IT operations
  • Created consistency with how IT support interacts with GMS associates
  • Standardized processes, hardware, software, and support procedures
  • Centralized patch management, antivirus, and security monitoring

Key Results:

  • MCPC made associated onboarding much smoother
  • GMS now has IT support that can scale along with its aggressive growth plan
  • GMS gained the ability to measure IT efficiency and collect data to be used for future business optimization
  • Reduced exposure to risk of regulatory non-compliance and security breaches

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