MCPC Helps a Large Healthcare Network Migrate to Epic EHR Under Budget and Ahead of Schedule

A prominent healthcare network recognized a critical need to migrate their Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to Epic. Moving to Epic would effectively improve their patient data management and clinical workflows ultimately leading to better patient care outcomes.

The implementation represented a significant investment and required a strict set of hardware specifications to ensure optimal compatibility between Epic and the devices running it. With over 250,000 devices across 40,000 workstations in 300+ locations, the healthcare network quickly recognized that they didn’t have enough Epic-skilled technical resources or the physical space to manage a deployment of this scale. The initiative would require hiring new staff at considerable costs. It would also require a significant amount of space for integration and configuration services, which would also carry significant costs. They turned to MCPC to find a better solution.

Leveraging our own proprietary tools and in-house resources, MCPC created a phased project delivery plan to streamline the implementation and enable a more efficient and securely managed process across the network. This included an onsite field service team for device inventory, deployment of new hardware, testing, and configuration. The project plan consisted of:

  • Physical Inventory & Site Assessment: Utilizing a proprietary cloud-based tool, MCPC assumed primary responsibility for physical inventorying, which included the plotting of data to facility site maps. This sped up the data capture by 50%, while decreasing data entry errors by over 95%.
  • Gap Analysis & Procurement Plan: The data gathered from inventorying was then checked against baseline configurations to identify gaps and build a procurement plan and onsite deployment strategy. Gap analysis time was reduced by 25%, while significantly increasing the accuracy rate of the initial equipment order.
  • Deployment: All hardware-related activities, which consisted of imaging, asset tagging, kitting, cart builds, and logistics were managed by MCPC. The movement of hardware included the use of MCPC’s sustainable mobile delivery cart solution and truck fleet to reduce unnecessary packaging waste from the health network’s facilities and optimize delivery flexibility.
  • Tech Dress Rehearsal (TDR) and Day-2 Support: In preparation for the Epic go-live, MCPC’s team of experts helped build and test scripts before they were handed to the TDR technicians for execution. Our technicians then validated that all workstations and applicable peripherals were functional to meet the Epic specs. After the go-live, our team remained on standby to quickly resolve any issues that arose.

Impact and Results:
MCPC successfully completed this monumental systemwide transformation ahead of schedule and millions of dollars under budget. The migration resulted in a fully operational solution that improved the healthcare network’s overall ability to provide better patient care, which will continue to add revenue value. Leveraging MCPC also meant that the internal IT and management teams could focus on more strategic initiatives during the migration process. Project implementation by the numbers includes:

  • 300,000 devices deployed
  • 18 hospitals, 279 doctors’ offices, served
  • 65 technicians utilized
  • 40,000 workstations tested
  • 2-year project timeline shrunk to 18 Months