Large Manufacturing Company Improves Productivity and the Employee Experience with MCPC

Executive Summary:
A rapidly growing manufacturer headquartered in Ohio approached MCPC for help managing and maintaining employee devices and providing quality onsite support. MCPC helped the company streamline their device logistics processes and improve their support services for quick IT issue resolutions and better employee experiences. 

The Challenge:
As with most organizations today, our client’s employees relied heavily on their digital devices to do their jobs. However, with about 1,000 employees reporting into their headquarter office and 100 working remotely, managing and maintaining the devices proved to be a complex task. The challenges included:

  • Device Needs and Configuration: Devices needed to be updated or replaced with the latest technology more often to ensure optimal performance and security. 
  • Precise Rollout: The company needed to configure and deploy devices with precision and timely execution.  
  • Onsite Support Services: Most importantly, the company sought to provide expert technical support to enhance device usability and employee productivity. They had an overseas level 1 support desk in place but needed an onsite level 2 helpdesk to handle escalations. 
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM): A managed program was needed for patching, software deployment and imaging so updates to the infrastructure could be made monthly. 

The organization knew that addressing these challenges would mitigate risk and improve the employee experience—lending to an overall more productive work environment. The company turned to MCPC to find a better solution. 

Leveraging proprietary tools and in-house resources, MCPC devised a long-term program to address the above challenges. This included onsite support for second-level deskside issues, a device leasing program for employee laptops, and a streamlined supply line for additional device requirements.  

MCPC delivered a program plan that covered the following:

  • Device Leasing and Configuration Services: After conducting a thorough assessment designed to identify the client’s equipment needs and preferences, MCPC experts implemented a purchase process offering laptops on a three-year lease program for regular hardware updates. Configuration tasks were handled at MCPC’s Technology Logistics Center, which is located right next to the Cleveland airport. Client-provided images applied to all configurable assets before distribution.  
  • Deployment: MCPC managed all hardware-related activities, including imaging, asset tagging, kitting, and logistics, utilizing partnerships with established carriers for efficient movement of hardware. Onsite support at our client’s headquarters ensured efficient equipment distribution and customer satisfaction. 
  • Onsite Support Services: Upon receipt, onsite support facilitated equipment distribution, quality assurance, and provided employee support for hardware and software issues. 
  • Managed SCCM Program: MCPC helped streamline operations through a unified infrastructure with monthly updates.

Impact and Results:
The new program model reflected a streamlined process that increased efficiency in PC equipment provisioning and support services. Our client’s employees could now rely on prompt assistance for hardware and software issues, ultimately leading to improved productivity and employee satisfaction. Additionally, the regular hardware update cycle ensured that our client’s technology infrastructure remained up-to-date and competitive in the industry.