One Simple Change Led to Buying Out 83% Less Devices.

Avient Corporation

Avient Corporation is a global manufacturer of thermoplastic compounds, plastic colorants and additives, thermoplastic resins, and vinyl resins that competes worldwide in many diverse markets and industries. Its primary focus is product development, manufacturing support, and supply chain optimization – all with a keen eye on sustainability. With priorities as valuable as these, there’s minimal room for error.

With an insufficient approach to IT asset management, and previous contractors failing to meet deadlines, Avient lost thousands of dollars in device rental overdue fees, downtime, and device buyouts. MCPC offered an alternative with services designed to eliminate these unnecessary expenditures.


  • Dramatically improve Avient IT asset procurement and management
  • Provide a self-service model for device ordering, configuration, and deployment
  • Minimize device buy-outs and downtime

How MCPC achieved the objectives:

  • Implemented a self-service device ordering portal with logic supporting a planned device refresh schedule
  • Moved legacy on-prem infrastructure systems to the cloud
  • Began managing IT inventory, ordering, configuration, and storage
  • Provided two dedicated on-site staff members
  • Supported company service desk needs

Key Results:

  • Delivered, maintained, and supported nearly 5,000 devices
  • Refreshed 75-80 devices monthly
  • Was previously buying out 30 devices each month; that has been cut down to less than 5
  • Eliminated duplicate device payments
  • Services were so successful for domestic users that they were implemented globally

We’re the outcome engineers. When you work with MCPC, your endpoints are just the starting point. With services and products for all your organization’s hardware and software needs, we bring together the technologies that solve tomorrow’s business problems today.