Lifecycle Management for Healthcare

Reflexion Health is an industry-leading digital healthcare company based in San Diego dedicated to transforming traditional medicine and improving clinical outcomes.  It specializes in using motion-tracking technology to create innovative digital health solutions that help patients receive the benefits of physical therapy in the safety and comfort of their own home.  The Cleveland Clinic is among international health care systems piloting Reflexion Health product.  

Reflexion Health turned to MCPC with these business priorities:

  • Reflexion sought a systems integration partner following its strategic decision to focus on product development and not allocate precious capital investment to non-core services
  • Reflexion Health sought a solution reduce the forecasted per device manufacturing cost of its principal product while ensuring highest standards of secure configuration and delivery of product
  • Reflexion wanted to reduce costs associated with staffing, warehousing and configuration

Reflexion Health turned to MCPC with these IT priorities:

  • Assist with product design and engineering
  • Provide hardware and software support and integration with a request and scheduling/dispatch service, neither of which Reflexion had expertise in
  • Adhere to industry best practices and real-client experiences
  • Deploy the actual product into a patient’s home, remove when therapy was complete, and perform lifecycle management services to each device.
  • Apply lifecycle management services that include physical sanitization, repairs, data erasure, software updates and provisioning services performed before being placed back into production-ready inventory – services that Reflexion Health were not prepared to provide let alone incur the cost for real estate and staff.

How MCPC responded:

  • Developed a solution that offered design and engineering advice
  • Ensured the Reflexion kit, with components installed and integrated into a Pelican case, was durable, reliable and serviceable.
  • Established a service desk to support hardware and software incidents directly from end users – seven days per week.
  • Integrated Reflexion Health into its scheduling/dispatch solution
  • Trained and certified technicians for in-home deployments, adhering to each healthcare organization’s requirements for technician background checks.
  • Provided its expertise at lifecycle management that includes full reverse logistics to retrieve the kit upon the completion of therapy, physical and data sanitization, an inspection of and repair, if necessary, of each component followed by provisioning to ensure the kit is production ready.
  • Ensured that – at each step – asset data and moves, adds and changes were maintained.

Why Reflexion Health values MCPC:

  • Provided a comprehensive solution that included engineering, service and support, scheduling, in-home services and advanced lifecycle management
  • Demonstrated a national reach with consistent quality
  • Provided dedicated program managers
  • Sustained real-time inventory and performance reporting
  • Created a flexible, per device subscription pricing model
  • Provided the highest standards of secure configuration and delivery