A Fleet of Trucks, With a Fleet of Tablets.

Sweeping Corporation of America

Sweeping Corporation of America (SCA) is the largest self-performing power sweeping service provider in the United States. With facilities nationwide, SCA has over 1,700 vehicles in their fleet, 1,900 employees, and sweeps more than 1,500,000 miles of roadways, parking lots, construction sites, and industrial complexes every year.

With a tablet in each truck that must be configured, managed, and updated, the already stretched-thin SCA IT team did not have the bandwidth or physical space to store, set up, and deploy its growing fleet of tablets. With the assistance of MCPC, they were able to lift the large burden of mobile device management (MDM) off their shoulders.


  • Create a comprehensive MDM strategy for its fleet of tablets, including planned refresh schedule
  • Deliver the required resources to image, configure, and deploy mobile devices
  • Provide flexible warehousing to store devices

How MCPC achieved the objectives:

  • Consolidated device selection and provided cost-savings on purchased assets
  • Configuration, warehousing, and order fulfillment of tablets, laptops, and docks, including Chromebooks
  • Allowed SCA IT to concentrate on its strategic IT projects, not devices

Key Results:

  • Each truck is equipped with a pre-loaded tablet to help drivers do their job
  • Device consistency allows SCA to prove performance of sweeping services to its customers, such as area swept, water on/off, dump cycle, volume, etc.
  • Provide cost savings on cellular activations for devices
  • Offer SCA constant access to pre-configured laptops, tablets, and docks

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