IT Talent Supply & Demand: Get Ahead While You Can

IT talent is becoming one of the most influential aspects to a business’s success. During the first 5 months of 2022, the tech industry saw an increase of over 100,000 positions, nearly 70% more than what was seen through the same time frame of 2021 (ZDNet, 2022). The industry is clearly making massive strides towards growth and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. 

The biggest issue with this?  

There simply aren’t enough individuals to fill the required roles.  

In May 2022 there were record high numbers for job postings in tech. Leading the way were positions for IT services and software development (ZDNet, 2022). The gap between positions and the individuals required to fill them continues to widen. Last month, the total number of posted openings in the tech sector was over 200,000. Only 22,800 of those positions were filled (ZDNet, 2022).  

The world has seen employment issues in nearly every facet of business. There are multiple reasons this disruption may be occurring, many of which we did not see pre-pandemic. Early retirements, health, desire for increased wages, and the ability to work remotely are just a few (Iacurci, 2021). In the current ever-changing economy, there are very few things we can be sure of; however, the inevitable growth in tech is one we can see for certain. 

According to CompTIA’s chief research officer, Tim Herbert, fierce bidding wars have broken out between companies and recruiters trying to acquire the tech talent needed to keep their organizations moving in the right direction (ZDNet, 2022). Businesses cannot afford to fall behind, and yours is no different. However, filling all the needs of your business may prove to be difficult in this current market without the right help. 

A primary cause of this dilemma is that the tech industry is simply growing. New technological advancements are being implemented nearly every day. Across every sector of the economy. Healthcare is one of the biggest contributors.

Healthcare IT Market Size By Region 2018-2030

Through 2030, the healthcare IT market is projected to grow exponentially worldwide. Many variables are contributing to IT growth within healthcare, some of which include digital records, information systems, as well as the overall advancement of treatment possibilities for patients. Each industry involved with IT has similar projections, and the availability of workers may not be able to keep up. 

But guess what? MCPC has the solutions… the tech talent solutions! 

At MCPC, our Tech Talent Solutions are the best in the business. With years of experience, we have tasked ourselves with implementing skilled IT experts to ensure that our clients can continue to maximize technological output and productivity. Our talent solutions teams can administer several different needs within your business. We can provide project-based work, hourly employees, and consistent on-site or remote IT help. With the IT industry continuing to boom this is not a conflict you want your business to face… at least not alone. If you are interested in learning whether MCPC is the right technology talent partner for you, contact us

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