Enhancing Efficiency: Mobile Computers in Hospital Workflows

In the landscape of modern healthcare, the integration of handheld computers stands out as a pivotal innovation, reshaping the way healthcare services are delivered. This approach employs mobile technology to improve the delivery of healthcare services, providing various advantages for both patients and healthcare providers.

Together, MCPC and Zebra share three ways healthcare providers can make the most of their mobile capabilities, enhancing efficiency and ensuring top-notch patient care.

1. Secure Communication Platforms:

Implement secure messaging and communication platforms on Zebra mobile computers to facilitate efficient and confidential communication among healthcare team members. This can streamline collaboration and coordination of care.

All-in-on communication platforms allow your team to easily communicate with one another and often has dedicated emergency alert systems too.

2. Barcode Scanning for Patient Identification:

Studies have shown that specimen identification errors alone cause more than 160,000 adverse medical events per year. But barcode-based tracking helps dramatically reduce the risk of dangerous misidentification, medication errors, and other issues that can negatively impact patient diagnosis and treatment.

By integrating barcode scanning functionalities into Zebra mobile devices for accurate patient identification. This helps prevent errors in administering treatments and ensures that each patient receives the right care.

3. Real-Time Data and Intelligence:

Digitizing and mobilizing your data capture, patient identification, and clinical collaboration also opens up huge opportunities to give your clinicians better access to real-time patient care data and intelligence.

Every data point that you scan, collect, update and share becomes a potential data point in your EHR dashboards, reports, analytics and decision support. When you’re able to collect more of that data digitally and share it more easily with your clinicians, it inevitably helps them make better care decisions and ensure better outcomes and safety for patients.

It’s also a potential labor and time saver, since digital data collection can help you automate, error-proof, and streamline more of your clinical workflows and processes—from tracing specimens to managing supplies, inventory, medication administration, and more.

Learning More About the Best Healthcare Mobile Strategies and Zebra Mobile Computers

At MCPC, we help healthcare organizations leverage Zebra technology to transform their operations for the better by providing expert consulting, functional support, deployment help, and technology optimization. All three of these mobile solutions deliver extensive benefits to our medical clients.

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