4 Benefits of Secure Printing

A lot goes into keeping your operations efficient and prepared for rising demands. However, it can be difficult to find solutions that can secure operations because of the time and cost it takes to implement them. Most businesses turn to automation solutions for this reason because they offer affordability with flexible performance and versatile features. One solution supply chain decision-makers are turning to for this is industrial or mobile printers. Studies show that up to 84% of warehouse and distribution decision-makers will upgrade or add industrial and desktop printers by 2022.

However, printer failure can lead to failed operations, which can be detrimental when consumer expectations are already high. Incomplete visibility from failed printers can also lead to unforeseen costs and diminished productivity. Additionally, studies show that printing costs have hiked up 30% this year and the prices of raw materials like paper and corrugated boxes have increased by over 25% in the last year. Businesses are upgrading or adding printers because they maximize operational efficiency, here are some ways secure printing benefits operations:

  1. Greater visibility and accuracy for faster workflows – By upgrading or adding printers to your business, you can create a more consistent printing process. Dependable printers can print faster and more accurately to allow your workers to process more jobs simultaneously. 
  2. Flexibility that enhances service and performance capabilities – Engineered for powerful future printing, Zebra’s printers come equipped with field-ready handling options and outstanding print quality. When your workers have the tools they need to improve service and deliver outstanding performance, it delivers a strong ROI and high scalability.
  3. Expanded storage to grow with operations – Upgraded printers can grow and evolve with emerging costs and demands with expanded memory. More RAM and Flash memory allow printers to support more stored forms and have the memory capacity to grow with future applications.
  4. Dependable management and security for ease of use – Exclusive Print DNA software built-in to Zebra’s printers helps simplify deployment, management, and security. High usability creates stronger device lifecycles to support growing business needs and improve ROI. Furthermore, Zebra’s printers have an intuitive user interface to simplify ease of use and proper management. 

While these solutions deliver a high ROI and significantly improve efficiency, upgrading your technology can still drain time and energy. To remove the struggle of inefficient operations and ensure proper performance, MCPC partners with Zebra to help you save big and print efficiently through the GO Zebra Trade-In Program.

Start your trade-in with three simple steps:

  1. Purchase a qualified product
  2. Submit your claim form
  3. Trade in your legacy devices

Learn more about how you can implement affordable, consistent printer performance in your operations with MCPC and the GO Zebra Trade-In Program.

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