MCPc Tech News: Security Mindset, Diversity and Big Data & IoT in Ohio

Security Mindset, Diversity and Big Data & IoT in Ohio

Business and technology have become synonyms in today’s connected world. Emerging tech is helping transform the way companies do business through better data collection, advanced analytics, and always on connectivity. The tech sector has created huge opportunity in terms of new revenue streams for businesses in Ohio and across the US. The growth of the technology industry has also reinvigorated STEM education for young women and young men in the United States to create qualified candidates for the jobs tech has created.

However, the technology coin has two sides. For all the ways tech and connectivity enhance our lives in and out of the office, they open new doors for cyber threats to pass through, doors which grant cyber criminals access to our most sensitive information. Technology is under threat from its own success. Now more than ever, a strategy around cyber security must be considered an essential part of operating a business rather than merely an expense.