MCPc Launches Managed Endpoint Service

Cleveland, Ohio, May 17, 2022 – MCPc, the Cleveland-based endpoint computing, technology logistics, IT asset management, and sustainability company, has announced that it has launched Managed Endpoint, a unique  Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) program that helps improve user sentiment and productivity by focusing on the end user’s needs through the entire lifecycle of each device.
Managed Endpoint by MCPc allows clients to choose which devices and services best support their organization. Unlike other Device-as-a-Service programs that are limited to a single manufacturer’s devices, Managed Endpoint is a device-agnostic lifecycle management program that combines different operating systems and devices. This allows organizations to provide their employees the hardware, software, and managed services they need to maximize their productivity, security, and collaboration, wherever they are working.
“We are really excited about the Managed Endpoint program,” says Ira Grossman, Chief Technology Officer. “We’ve been doing it for years and it’s really the core of our business, but what sets us apart from other DaaS programs is that we provide detailed data on the device and how it is impacting the user’s experience. Managed Endpoint helps both device and user be happy and healthy!”
“Of course,” continues Grossman, “Managed Endpoint also makes financial sense because our clients want to mitigate large hardware refresh costs and transition to a subscription pricing program, which moves their technology investment from a capital expenditure to an operating expense. This improves an organization’s financial flexibility and ensures that end users get a device that matches their needs, resulting in more satisfied and productive employees.”
​Managed Endpoint by MCPc helps organizations:
  • Select the right devices and the right services for users to maximize their engagement, productivity, and security
  • Deploy endpoints to in-office users, or those working remotely around the country
  • Maintain endpoints in-field and in-office with service desk services, software updates, security, and to provide replacements as needed
  • Refresh their endpoint fleet at predetermined intervals so users can remain productive and secure 
“Managed Endpoint is the perfect device lifecycle program for organizations that want to combine Apple devices and PCs, as well as smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops, into one program,” says Grossman, “Your endpoints are our starting point, and we manage and protect them all so you can focus on running your business.”
Intel is the exclusive Managed Endpoint Launch Sponsor.
MCPc is an industry leading managed endpoint computing, technology logistics, asset management, and sustainability organization that provides a proven, powerful end-to-end lifecycle management protocol. These capabilities provide clients expedited digital transformation, better management of the complexity and cost of technology, achievement of sustainability targets, and empower employee performance. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, MCPc operates regional centers in Grand Rapids, MI and Erie, PA., and has recently expanded its operations globally.