MCPc Promotes Genese Sarratt to Director of Community & Employee Engagement

MCPc, Inc., a leading provider of managed endpoint computing, is pleased to announce the promotion of Genese Sarratt to Director of Community & Employee Engagement. Genese brings nearly 15 years of corporate experience to the role, including the last 7 years as a Senior Recruiter in the MCPc Talent Solutions Group.

In her new role, Genese will focus internally to promote a more employee-centric culture that advocates effective communication, collaboration, career pathing, and development across all levels of the organization. Externally, she will work to partner and engage with the community at-large as well as governmental, educational, and community development organizations to create new career paths and talent pools for both MCPc and its customers.  Ultimately, Genese will serve as an evangelist for connecting MCPc, its employees, and the community to the growing and strategically important local, regional, and national technology sector.

“This role is very near and dear to my heart,” says Sarratt. “It encompasses many of my personal core values, such as accountability, honest communication, and empathy towards others regardless of background, title, or status. I look forward to bridging the gap between MCPc and community organizations to help people in our community develop and grow, both personally and professionally.”

In addition, Genese will help raise awareness of the business and social values that MCPc represents through its product and services offerings, such as environmental sustainability, cybersecurity awareness, and supporting educational initiatives and the communities where MCPc operates.

“Genese is the perfect person for this role,” says Jason Taylor, MCPc Chief of Staff. “She is passionately committed to developing individuals’ talents and growing their marketable skills, and she is a superb representative to help us support our company goal of connecting with the communities where we work to promote our mission at MCPc and also create new employment opportunities at every level of education.”

MCPc is an industry-leading computer management, technology logistics, asset management, and sustainability partner providing a proven and powerful end-to-end lifecycle management protocol. We help companies speed digital transformation, manage the complexity and cost of technology, achieve sustainability targets, and empower employee performance.

With headquarters in Cleveland, OH and regional centers in Grand Rapids, MI and Erie, PA, MCPc has traditionally been focused on the Great Lakes Region but has expanded its operations globally with offices in Canada, the Netherlands, and soon, England.