MCPC Teams with Cleveland Metroparks Zoo to Promote e-Recycling

Cleveland, OH – April 11, 2022 – MCPC, the Cleveland-based global endpoint company, is proud to partner with Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Cleveland Zoo Society to promote electronics recycling in celebration of Earth Day on April 22. MCPC announced that its “Go Green Machine” truck will be at the Zoo, on Earth Day to accept old, unused, and broken electronics to be recycled.

The MCPC “Go Green Machine” truck helps educate people on the importance of good recycling practices and the devastating effect that technology device resource needs have had on the world gorilla population. Gorilla habitats have been disturbed by mining for coltan, which is an essential component used in small electronics, like cell phones. Fortunately, unused electronics can be recycled, which keeps them out of landfills and allows the minerals inside to be reclaimed and sold to companies to make new electronic devices.

“We are excited to partner again with Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Cleveland Zoo Society in our collective effort in gorilla conservation,” says Mike Trebilcock, MCPC Chairman & Founder. “It only makes sense to apply our business recycling processes so the community can safely recycle their devices.”  

MCPC safely recycles devices for business at its Secure Technology Asset Disposition (STAD) center located in Old Brooklyn and will use the money earned through this consumer e-recycling event to support gorilla conservation. Cleveland area residents can help by recycling their unused electronics at the Zoo on Friday, April 22 from 10am to 2pm.

Electronic devices accepted at the event include: Desktop & laptop computers, LCD monitors, mobile devices such as smartphones, cell phones, and tablets, data storage devices, networking devices (routers, switches, hubs), printers and fax machines, and peripherals, such as keyboards, mice, and docking stations. Items NOT accepted include CRT monitors and televisions, light bulbs, medical or laboratory equipment, household appliances, or bulk batteries. For complete list of acceptable, and not acceptable items, visit

“Our partnership with MCPC has been extraordinary. We love to see local businesses invest in the community through education and support and we are thrilled to have the MCPC truck at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and do our part to encourage responsible and sustainable recycling of old electronics,” says Dr. Chris Kuhar, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Executive Director. For more than two decades, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has been a leader in conservation by advising and funding partners in the field who are working to protect species most at risk around the world. Zoos play an important role in international wildlife conservation efforts. Zoos also have the unique opportunity to educate and inspire guests on how animals they see in their communities are ambassadors for those in the wild.

About MCPC

MCPC engineers outcomes. A global endpoint management company, our proactive partnership inspires not just endpoint defense, but business offense. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, MCPC recently received the Certified e-Stewards Recycler designation, as well as ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 certifications. The Certified e-Stewards Recycler program recognizes electronics recyclers that adhere to stringent Environmentally and socially responsible practices when recovering hazardous Electronic materials.