MCPC Expands Security Operations Center in Midtown

Cleveland, OH – July 10, 2019 – MCPC has completed its migration of its Security Operations Center from downtown Cleveland to the Midtown district. 

And while it’s only a couple of miles from the original location, the difference between the two operation centers is considerable.

The new “SOC” is larger, growing from 10 to 40 seats, and is thus better equipped to serve the ever-growing number of customers who turn to MCPC to manage their technology and for 24/7/365 help desk support. 

It also assembles the MCPC talent pool into a central location.  In addition to the 40 analysts located directly in the SOC, the center is large enough to house 12 data center engineers, 8 solution architects, 3 chief information security officers and 2 CTOs.  

The new center is located between Chester and Euclid Avenues, at 59th Street, and occupies 20,000 square feet on the top floor of a new building known as Link 59.   Link 59 is part of a major development in the Health Tech Corridor of Midtown Cleveland. MCPC neighbors include University Hospitals new women and children’s hospital, a new grocery, and several other businesses. 

Dale Phillips, Vice President and General Manager of SOC & Managed Services, notes that the location of the new facility also makes it easier for MCPC to attract a younger, millennial workforce.  “It’s direct location on the Health-Tech Line, which travels between Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State, is a plus to young people who live downtown or around University Circle. That proximity is also an advantage to students from those universities who intern at MCPC.