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International Shipping Company

MCPC has been a key partner with an international transportation business that serves both shippers and receivers of freight with many different levels of distribution and transportation services.

One major challenge the company faced was maintaining government compliance regarding the number of hours its drivers could be on the road. The issue, however, was that implementing electronic logging devices (ELDs) was nearly impossible because its drivers are all independent contractors and many times the ELD hardware wasn’t returned. MCPC helped in multiple ways.


  • Eliminate waste in asset procurement and usage
  • Deliver a secure mobile device management (MDM) solution
  • Provide secure ELD tablets to independent contractor drivers

How MCPC achieved the objectives:

  • MCPC provided an ELD solution that used secure tablets issued to drivers instead of dedicated ELD hardware
  • Recommended that the cost of the tablet be held in escrow in case the driver left employment
  • Identified $277,000 in annual wasted spending and recommended an optimized device purchase and usage strategy
  • Complete overview and management of all mobile devices
  • Provided device break-fix and replacement services
  • Arranged reverse logistics to reclaim and securely recycle all devices at end-of-life

Key Results:

  • Company was able to modernize and speed up their mobile ELD device deployment
  • Reduced its data cost by introducing a cost-effective cellular data plan for over 1,500 deployed tablets
  • Reduced spending on devices by identifying opportunities for savings
  • Significantly lowered the cost of logistical support for devices

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