Execute Seamless IT Transition During Large Acquisition

A Diversified Financial Services Company (DFSC) operating in the eastern half of the United States announced plans to acquire two banking systems in the South with $7+ billion in assets and over 120 branches.

DFSC turned to MCPC with these business priorities:

  • Execute a seamless “weekend” transition of all 120 branches in multiple states without service interruption to both customers and employees

DFSC turned to MCPC with these IT priorities:

  • Utilize a deployment crew across 120 branches
  • Employ an onsite preconversion testing team
  • Assist in troubleshooting network issues as feet on the street in the weeks prior to conversion
  • Station an immediate response team across the state during conversion weekend
  • Support clean up post-conversion 

How MCPC responded:

Jan 17Pilot Deployments1571018
Jan 30Deployments – Week1,2572930
Feb 6Deployments – Week2,10012513
Feb 13Deployments – Week3,1897325
Feb 20Deployments – Week4,1336626
Feb 27Deployments – Week5,109912
Mar 6Cleanup
3/10-3/13Conversion Weekend
  • MCPC provided an end-to-end solution leveraging SkyPark, its Technology Logistics Center, and vast experience in logistic management to ensure a seamless transition
  • MCPC received all hardware components and preassembled, kitted, tagged, configured and shipped all components directly to each branch to provide an efficient and as least disruptive onsite deployment as possible
  • MCPC concurrently coordinated several deployment teams to receive hardware onsite and install into each branch

Why DFSC values MCPC:

  • MCPC was able to leverage its state-of-the-art high security Technology Logistics Center to preassemble and configure all hardware
  • MCPC had the resources to ensure service delivery continuity
  • MCPC demonstrated experience to lead a large-scale project, from planning phase through to project closure
  • MCPC provided robust technical support
  • MCPC demonstrated the ability to implement configured units “after-hours” to minimize impact to banking operations
  • MCPC coordinated all deployment touch points with DFSC store managers and its help desk