5 Days to Help 40,000 Students.

Cleveland Municipal School District

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) is the third largest public school system in Ohio, serving nearly 40,000 students. It maintains more than 90 school buildings and covers 79 square miles.

In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic many public school systems faced challenges they had never seen before. For the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, making the adjustment to remote learning was problematic. Supply chain issues caused the District to receive its students’ laptops just 5 days before the school year was set to begin. With less than a week to get them into students’ hands, MCPC partnered with CMSD and worked around the clock to configure the laptops and deploy them. Fortunately, MCPC had the space and scale to get students ready for the new school year.


  • Assist with configuring student laptops on an extremely tight deadline
  • Create a centralized process for technology device planning and forecasting
  • Act as de facto CMSD technology warehouse and receive, store, configure, and deploy all future device technology

How MCPC achieved the objectives:

  • Deployed a service desk team to assist students with their new devices
  • Implemented a supply chain management system for District devices and integrated into its Transportation, and Learning Management Systems
  • Provided warehousing, imaging, configuration, and deployment for all new devices
  • Implemented inventory management, asset management, and lifecycle management strategies

Key Results:

  • MCPC helped create the foundation for remote learning for CMSD
  • Established device imaging automation workflow to speed deployment
  • Constructed an efficient system for planning ahead in terms of IT device forecasting and distribution
  • Close to 40,000 students were able to have a successful school year

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