MCPC Receives e-Stewards Certification for Responsible and Safe e-Recycling

Cleveland, OH – November 23, 2021 – MCPC, the Cleveland-based global endpoint company, has announced that its Secure Technology Asset Disposition Center (STAD), located in Old Brooklyn, has received the Certified e-Stewards Recycler designation, as well as ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 certifications.

The e-Stewards Initiative is an electronics waste recycling standard created by the Basel Action Network as a way to ensure that electronic waste generated in wealthy countries wasn’t transported to, and being dismantled in, poor countries. The Certified e-Stewards Recycler program recognizes electronics recyclers that adhere to stringent environmentally and socially responsible practices when recovering hazardous electronic materials.

In addition to the e-Stewards certification, MCPC STAD facility also received ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 certifications.

  • ISO 45001is the global standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
  • ISO 14001 specifies the requirements that organizations use to enhance environmental performance
  • ISO 9001 is based on an organizations’ quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation of top management, the process approach and continual improvement 

“These certifications are a validation of our core corporate commitment to sustainability.” said Jason Taylor, MCPC Chief of Staff. “E-Waste is a huge problem and is growing. The U.N. estimates that e-waste production is on track to reach 120 million tons per year by 2050. This problem impacts all of us, and MCPC is committed to being a responsible technology asset disposition partner. That means that when clients work with us, they can be assured that 0% of their e-waste will end up in a landfill, and any data on their retired devices will be 100% completely destroyed. These certifications mean that we protect data and the environment.”

The MCPC STAD facility and its team had to go through an intensive audit process in order to receive certification for Certified e-Stewards Recycler designations and ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 certifications.

“These certifications are a result of the dedication and thoroughness of the entire team at our STAD facility,” said Keith Slaby, Operations Supervisor, “and we’re extremely proud that we’re the only Certified e-Stewards Recycler in Northeast Ohio. We pursued the e-Stewards certification because it is designed for International use, and its standards are applicable in every country, so our clients can be sure that when they work with MCPC, their assets are being managed in an environmentally sound way. The e-Stewards standards also provide for enhanced data security provisions and supports our 100% data destruction goal as well as our focus on ensuring 0% of hazardous electronic waste that we process goes to landfills.”

Organizations that want to be sure (or require proof) that the data on their retired devices is completely destroyed and does not end up in a landfill should contact MCPC to learn more about our end-of-life IT asset disposition services.