Why is it crucial for healthcare to maintain the upmost security?

Reason 1: Personally Identifiable Information – Patient information is worth a lot of money to an attacker.
Reason 2: There are a lot of devices in hospitals that rely on legacy software platforms, making them an easy entry point for attackers.
Reason 3: Access to patient health records is vital to patient care and increases the likelihood that victims will pay their attacker.

HP Sure Suite

HP Elite PCs are the world’s most secure PCs.  They are built with hardware-enforced security features and layers of protection to prevent threats and to quickly recover in the event of a breach.

MCPc Fortress Security Suite

MCPc Fortress Security Suite is a company’s first line of defense. It provides real-time protection and visibility to patch status, backup status, and the defenses protecting your data and devices. We focus the right software, people, and processes on the daily challenges you face managing the security and productivity or your end-user devices.

Better Together

HP Sure Suite and MCPc Fortress Security Suite provide healthcare organizations peace of mind. HP Sure Suite protects your device at a hardware level, while Fortress protects your device at a system level.  Together, they provide healthcare organizations with the level of security required to meet the requirements of healthcare security.