MCPC helps organizations transform through technology by providing expert integration services, logistics, functional support, and end-of-life services.


Seamlessly incorporating Ergotron’s cutting-edge solutions and products with MCPC’s expertise guarantees a smooth and optimized integration process. This collaboration enhances organizational workflows, providing a streamlined and efficient environment for maximum productivity.


We prioritize effortlessly distributing, installing, and integrating technology. Our collaborative efforts are laser-focused on enriching user experiences and fine-tuning workflow environments, ultimately boosting organizational efficiency.


Strategically planning, developing, and implementing technology to enhance business operations and achieve objectives.


Continuous innovation enhances device capabilities, while responsibly retiring devices through recycling initiatives. Transitioning to the latest technology, combining innovation with environmental responsibility.


CareFit Slim

Elevate your productivity with CareFit Slim — driven by an all-in-one frame makes it easier to enhance your user experiences, workflow environments, and organizational efficiency. Ensuring an optimal environment for your best work.

Mount System

Discover your best view with Ergotron’s Mount System, complete with the ability to reclaim your space for full capabilities. Adaptable technology allows you to increase development while increasing your organizational workflow. Experience outstanding performance, a sleek portable design, and tailored productivity features for the modern business landscape.

Sit-Stand Workstation

Experience a workflow that accommodates your active workstyle. Giving room to increase productivity by personalizing a range of all fits, with no manual adjusting. Empower your workflow environment with this unparalleled productivity experience.

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