Reduce Time-to-Value

Deploying IT assets is one of the most complex, time consuming activities internal resources take on. In the attention tug-of-war between resolving critical service tickets and deploying assets, the service tickets usually win and deployments are delayed. MCPc’s managed deployment services leverage PMI best practices to reduce time to value of your IT investment, improve user satisfaction, and protect against the risks of being out of warranty or late on your lease return.

Maintain Control During Transition

The ability to maintain a chain-of-custody during deployments requires asset management discipline ensuring new devices are delivered and, critically, devices marked for retirement are recovered. Devices containing years' worth of data are often overlooked when a new replacement arrives and become lost – exposing organizations to risk. During deployments, MCPc closes this gap through close management of reverse logistics to recover retired assets in addition to maintaining aggressive deployment schedules for new devices.
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