Cybersecurity as a Service

MCPc Cybersecurity as a Service focuses on sound data security practices that are practical and achievable, including:

Cybersecurity Assessment. An in-depth security program assessment is measured against best practice cybersecurity frameworks: ISO27001, NIST, or one of the CIS Top 20 frameworks based on your industry or company preference.
Security Plan Development. Based on our assessment and recommendations, we’ll develop a cyber protection plan and “runbook” that identifies the scope, steps, processes, and personnel resources required to properly react to a security breach.

Cyber Tracking Software. Your requirements for compliance and the governance of risk and security management are handled using best-in-class security software, the Apptega Platform.

Cyber-Attack Simulations. Called Tabletop Exercises, these simulations bring together your Incident Response Team to identify gaps in response, improve your security plan and policies, practice technical and managerial responses, review the coordination and communication structure and content, and identify new cyber threats and risks.

Quarterly Cybersecurity Briefing. We keep you aware of the latest security threats and review the processes and procedures in your plan to keep you confidently prepared.

MCPc Cybersecurity as a Service:

  • Gets your organization up to speed quickly
  • Offers unparalleled depth and breadth of cybersecurity skills
  • Provides both technical know-how and management system qualifications, with in-depth cybersecurity business experience
  • Recommends improvements in the people, process, and technology aspects of security