Business Continuity Preparedness Update

Alert #5 - March 23, 2020


MCPc continues to serve clients as part of the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce.

MCPc plays a vital role in mitigating business disruption and is part of the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce as designated by CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency-Department of Homeland Security) and the associated guidance by the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

“From data protection, device procurement, security, and management, to remote help desk services and staff augmentation, MCPc continues to work hard to keep our client’s businesses up and running ,” said Andy Jones, CEO. “We have taken all possible preventative steps to keep our employees healthy and productive in order to meet our client’s immediate and strategic needs.”


Alert #4 - March 23, 2020

MCPc has taken significant steps to ensure business continuity for our clients:
  • Our company continues to operate across all verticals
    • The majority of our staff are telecommuting and will continue to provide the same level of service you’ve come to expect from us
    • Essential technical staff are monitored daily: We have partnered with clinicians at MetroHealth to conduct a daily health assessment of all our Technical Touch Team employees. These are the people at our Secure Technology Logistics and Secure Technology Asset Disposition facilities in Cleveland. For our Grand Rapids, MI and Erie, PA operations we are instituting the same protocol in partnership with Spectrum Health and Highmark respectively
  • We are in daily contact with key federal, state, and local government officials
    • Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and local law enforcement
    • Emergency Management from Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania
  • Essential Emergency Service Designations
We are collaborating with the OH, MI, & PA State Emergency Management Agencies so that in the event of quarantine/containment/lock down mandates, our Technical Touch Team will be fully registered and credentialed as essential service workers. This special designation will allow them to continue to travel to work in spite or any shutdown.


Alert #3 - March 19, 2020

To ensure business continuity for our clients, MCPc, under the medical guidance and training of MetroHealth clinicians, will assess the health of each employee daily at each of our Cleveland operations – our Secure Technology Logistics Center and our Secure Technology Asset Disposition facility.
Similar protocols are being developed for our operations in Grand Rapids, MI and Erie, PA.
Upon arrival for each shift, MCPc trained associates will put on MetroHealth supplied personal protective equipment, take each employee’s temperature, and fill-out a MetroHealth symptoms screening card. If there is any question about an employee’s health, they will be directed to a MetroHealth center for testing and potential quarantine.


Alert #2 - March 17, 2020

If your business is disrupted, MCPc can help. ‚Äč  

Alert #1 - March 9, 2020 

In the wake of Covid-19, MCPc’s support of our client’s business continuity efforts:

To ensure Health and Well-Being, MCPc has:

  • Implemented strict internal guidelines, following CDC recommendations, to ensure the health and well-being of employees, remote staff, and interacting client staff
  • Implemented an active travel alert and supplemental travel authorization and reporting for all business travel until further notice
  • Full remote access capabilities for our general office-based workforce and they have the ability to selectively work remotely as/if needed

To assist Client Productivity Preparedness, MCPc has:

  • Production based multi-site failover capability if a single location is closed.  We also have distribution diversity capabilities through our extensive partner network.
  • Advised/is advising all clients to proactively engage MCPc’s Account Team in an effort to aggressively collaborate on planning to mitigate their organization’s business risk related to technology based remote access:
    • Inventory Management: Address forecasting and build a contingency pipeline of devices
    • Supply Chain: Understand current supply chain constraints associated with your existing manufacturers and model types
    • Pricing: Discuss current pricing as well as the potential for future adjustments associated with constraint increases
    • Budgets: Determine if contingency budgeting is in place to deal with changing dynamics
    • Remote Access Preparedness: Assess, test and adjust your remote access infrastructure to prepare for the potential of government mandated workforce restrictions
    • Printing/Electronic Signing: Plan for potential disruption associated with document management (scanning/printing/etc.)

To enhance Data Security:

In light of increased, opportunistic cyber activity due to Covid-19 uncertainty and the possibility of an extensive remote workforce:

  • Establish/codify remote data protection protocols
  • Reinforce employee awareness and training against phishing and business compromise email efforts
  • Develop an Incident Response Plan, particularly with the potential for remote management
  • Accelerate patching efforts to mitigate vulnerabilities 
  • Upgrade to and require multi-factor authentication for email and critical business systems access
  • Increase endpoint detection and protection efforts
  • Increase monitoring efforts to reduce the time to detect and remediate cyber risks

For more detailed information and recommendations, please contact: