Operating Terms and Conditions for Staffing Resources

These terms are effective as of August 12, 2020

The terms and conditions below outline how the provision of Talent Solutions are to occur. These Operating Terms and Conditions are hereby incorporated into any applicable Work Order and, along with that Work Order and the Master Terms and Conditions, form the full agreement for those Services between the Customer and MCPc.

1.       General Customer may engage one or more MCPc employees or contractors (each, a “Staff Resource”) from MCPc pursuant to a mutually executed Work Order or other Order Document. Each Work Order or other Order Document will contain a specific reference to this Agreement, the name(s) of the Staff Resource(s) to be assigned to Customer, a description of the Staff Resource role(s) with Customer, any special obligations of Customer and/or MCPc, a performance schedule or anticipated period of engagement (if applicable), and a schedule of invoicing and rates.

2.       Onsite Talent Solutions Terms
       2.1     Should the Staff Resource(s) be asked to work more than 40 hours during a given work week, or on a Saturday or Sunday, a 1.5 multiplier will apply to the rate in an applicable Order Document.
       2.2     Should the Staff Resource(s) be asked to work on a MCPc holiday, a 2.0 multiplier will apply to the rate below.
                2.2.1      MCPc Holidays:
                               • New Year’s Day
                               • Memorial Day
                               • Independence Day
                               • Labor Day
                               • Thanksgiving Day
                               • Day after Thanksgiving
                               • Christmas Eve
                               • Christmas Day

      2.3      Should the Staff Resource(s) be asked to travel for an assignment or during the workday, mileage and expenses will be passed through to customer.
        2.4      Parking expenses will be passed through to the customer.
       2.5      MCPc is responsible for conducting criminal background checks and drug screenings (as required) for our onsite resource(s). Should customer require any additional onboarding items, any associated cost(s) will be passed through to customer.
        2.6      Hours invoiced will reflect actual hours worked.

3.       Conversion Upon the submission of a Staff Resource, Customer will obtain the services of this Staff Resource only from MCPc.  If Customer wishes to obtain the person’s services by direct hire or by assignment, arrangement, or contract from a source other than MCPc, Customer may do so after securing MCPc’s prior authorization and by paying a fee based upon the time at which Customer wishes to hire or engage the Staff Resource, pursuant to the Table 1
       3.1      When Customer hires or engages a MCPc Staff Resource(s), either directly with MCPc or through a third party, Customer will pay a fee to MCPc based on a percent of the Staff Resource’s annual compensation and how long they, the Staff Resource, has been placed with Customer. Such amounts will not be subject to any limitation of liability provisions set forth in the General Terms and Conditions.

Timeline Hours Conversion Fee %
Direct Hire & 0 to 6 weeks 0 to 260 25%
6 Weeks to 3 Months 260 to 520 20%
3 to 6 Months 520 to 1040 15%
6 to 12 Months 1040 to 2080 5%
After 1 year >2080 0% (No Fee)