Windows 11, O365, and M365 – What Your Organization Needs to Know

Microsoft recently announced its newest operating system, Windows 11, just six years after releasing Windows 10. New devices have begun shipping with Windows 11 and include Intel’s new chipset that takes advantage of many of the newest features – some only working on Windows 11. With each new update comes a period of time where it supports both operating systems, but it will only support Windows 10 until 2025. It is easy to fall behind in updating your organization’s operating systems when you consider how many devices an average organization must maintain, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. In this blog we discuss our recommendations to set your organization up for success in utilizing Microsoft’s products.

Most Recent Update: Windows 11 For Business

Windows 11 is exactly what organizations need – consistency and security for IT, with improvements in productivity for your employees. The new operating system is the successor to Windows 10, built on the same core architecture with new features and improvements to the end-user experience. Since it is built on Windows 10, any investments you have made in tools and device management will continue to be compatible. It is also designed to support a hybrid work environment and be reliable, secure, connected, and high performing.

In addition to Microsoft releasing a new operating system, Intel has also released a new processor, Alder Lake. Microsoft and Intel collaborated closely to ensure Windows 11 is optimized to work with Alder Lake as efficiently as possible. Although the processor will work on other operating systems, it will work most efficiently on Windows 11.

While on the surface, the lift to Windows 11 appears straightforward, in reality, it will be as complex as the upgrade to Windows 1

As of October 5, 2021, Microsoft has begun releasing the update and will continue rolling it out into mid-2022. To check for eligibility to upgrade, visit Microsoft’s website.

Before you are eligible to upgrade to Windows 11 you may have to make investments in updating your systems. Any organization currently using Windows 10 is eligible but anyone using an older operating system is not.

Which Option is Better for My Organization, Microsoft 365, or Office 365?

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 are for either enterprise or SMB organizations. Office 365 comes in three tiers for enterprise: E1, E3, and E5. It includes the traditional applications like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, OneNote, Outlook, and OneDrive, and E5 includes Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft 365 includes all the Office 365 features plus greater security protection and tools to improve productivity and collaboration. It is a cloud-based service, which helps organizations in protecting their data and reducing risk.

Within the Microsoft 365 subscription you receive essential security software including: Defender, Intune, and Azure. Microsoft Defender is an automated investigation and remediation tool that identifies and reacts to potential breaches; Intune is a cloud-based management tool that unifies endpoint management of all devices on or off the network; Azure is a cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying and managing applications. 

Why Use a Technology Partner to Co-Manage Your Microsoft 365 or Office 365?

A technology partner helps make major upgrades like these run smoothly. Working with a Microsoft certified partner allows you to work with Microsoft engineers and architects who know the ins and outs of the tools, platforms, and modern management. Your technology partner assists with everything from start to finish – selecting the best options for your organization by conducting a readiness assessment, assisting with onboarding, and the management of the tools. If you are interested in learning whether MCPC is the right technology partner for you, contact us.

MCPC is a Microsoft certified partner with a team of Microsoft certified engineers and architects and we engineer outcomes. A global endpoint management company, our proactive partnership inspires not just endpoint defense, but business offense. By protecting your devices, bringing simplicity to endpoint management complexity, and empowering employee performance, MCPC reduces business risk and increases digital innovation.

Driven by the kind of trust that transforms today’s business and tomorrow’s growth, our consultative approach creates a true partnership where your endpoints are just the starting point.