Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) is Here. What You Need to Know.

As a technology partner that focuses on organizations’ endpoints, and with a deep experience of Microsoft products, we wanted to explain the Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE). Of course, we can only cover a small fraction of it in this blog post, so if you need additional help understanding the program, contact us and we can explain how it impacts your organization.

The Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) was launched in November 2019 in its Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program to give customers greater choice and flexibility in how and where they purchase. In fall of 2021, NCE was expanded by adding commercial seat-based offers for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365, and Power Platform.

Moving your organization to the New Commerce Experience does offer benefits. For example, it can help you prepare for future growth with its reduced licensing complexity, the choice of multiple term options that best fit your needs, and predictable subscription pricing.

With the introduction of NCE, Microsoft has added some new rules for how users can add and remove licenses to their subscription. Here are the basics of what you should know:

  • There are now three subscription lengths: Monthly, Annual, and Tri-Annual (three-years). Tri-Annual and Annual pricing is the same
  • Choosing the monthly subscription incurs a 20% upcharge from the Annual subscription cost
  • Users can add licenses during the term of a subscription but will not be able to reduce the number of licenses during the term
  • Full payment for the term of the subscription is required in advance and is non-refundable

All existing subscriptions will need to transition to NCE before July 1, 2022.

As Microsoft experts, MCPC is here to help you navigate Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience. We want to help your organization get the best value from your licenses and help you decide which options would be best for you. This is also a good time to have us audit your current licenses to verify you’re not paying for unused seats or paying for features you don’t need.  

MCPC engineers outcomes. A global endpoint management company, our proactive partnership inspires not just endpoint defense, but business offense. By protecting your devices, bringing simplicity to endpoint management complexity, and empowering employee performance, MCPC reduces business risk and increases digital innovation.

Driven by the kind of trust that transforms today’s business and tomorrow’s growth, our

consultative approach creates a true partnership where your endpoints are just the starting point. If you need additional assistance with NCE, contact us and we can explain how it impacts your organization.