Core Values


We are committed to doing the right things the right ways.


We strive to achieve client expectations.


We recognize our shared humanity and support each other.


We aim for continuous growth.


We seek to lead our industry.

Community Commitment

We value and support our communities.

Employee Testimonials

MCPC has an extraordinary staff, always willing to assist with any task, great or small. Every question and struggle is treated as a teaching moment to learn from and grow. The mentorship I have received at MCPC has not only been focused on my role, but developing skills and knowledge for my greater career development. I would recommend working at MCPC to anyone who would like to flourish in an environment focused on the individual as well as the outcome.
Erin Croniger
Delivery Coordinator I
I truly enjoy working at MCPC for the culture and the people that I work with at the Erie facility and beyond. I love the diversity of my job and how I deal with the Config Lab, Logistics Center, Facility management, Project management, and more. I also love the opportunity to grow our small facility in Erie a little more each year. This is a place where you can develop your skills, mindset, and career all at the same time while feeling a part of something bigger. Lastly, I believe that MCPC takes care of people who are committed to the cause and show that in their work and their attitude.
Joseph McBride
Operations Supervisor
MCPC is a rewarding place to work for a multitude of reasons. We offer products and solutions that EVERY company needs, so there is no shortage of opportunities. MCPC has strong commitment to its employees, customers and community. The best past of being part of the MCPC family is the people. Solid, hard working, committed truly honest people.
Mike Barth
Senior Account Executive
Working at MCPC has been a genuinely rewarding journey for me. After working on the helpdesk for eight years, I expressed interest in becoming a data analyst. Not only did MCPC listen, but they also offered me a career path and job as a Data Analyst. This experience underscores what I value most here: MCPC’s willingness to invest in its employees’ growth. The emphasis on personal accountability and mutual respect makes MCPC not just a workplace but a community where everyone is encouraged to contribute their best. At MCPC, it’s clear they value your dreams and the effort you put in. It’s more than just a job; it’s a place where you can genuinely grow and flourish.
Rick Morales
Business Analyst


We are always looking for future-thinking professionals skilled in delivering proactive ideas and solutions that help solve tomorrow’s business problems today.