Cybersecurity Incident Preparation

There is no substitute for experience, and the MCPc Security and Cyber Team has seen and resolved all sorts of cyber-attacks at businesses of all sizes. We can get your business prepared for cyber threats of all types.

Our team will review and analyze your existing incident response policies and plans and suggest changes and improvements; review Standard Operating Procedures and runbooks; and develop a Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) that will respond to security incidents.

Cybersecurity Incident Response Program Management

Table Top Simulations are cybersecurity preparedness exercises that identify weaknesses in your incident response plan, bring new cyber threats and risks to light, and improve management visibility into the risks to which your technology exposes your business. Vulnerabilty Assessments illuminate the effectiveness of operating system and third-party software patching operations, system vulnerabilities, and how well your security operations are being executed. Penetration Testing uses similar tactics, techniques, and procedures to those of threat actors to test defenses and alerting, monitoring, and response functions to better understand your complete cyber risk profile.

Cyber Incident Response

Our cybersecurity experts are available 24/7 to quickly respond to an active security incident.
The MCPc Security and Cyber Team will identify the initial steps to contain and control an incident and guide you through how to execute your incident response plan and develop a resource and recovery plan. 
Forensic Analysis will identify and document the threat actor, course of action, and consequences of a cyber incident and attempt to provide the root cause and systemic weaknesses for remediation. Crisis Management provides leadership and direction during a cyber incident, and since a security breach will impact your supply chain, customers, vendors, distributors, and stakeholders, we’ll consult on crisis communications.
Finally, MCPc can consult with Legal, Risk, and Law Enforcement, because security incidents can have wide ranging effects, and legal and regulatory impact for your organization.


Disaster Recovery Services

MCPc can help your organization recover after a data breach or cybersecurity incident and return to normal business operations.
Our cybersecurity experts will assist with identifying the root cause and/or entry point of the attack and recover your business systems, endpoint devices, servers, applications, or data, and then deploy cybersecurity best practices to improve your security against future attacks.
MCPc lets you keep your focus where it belongs: running your business.