Incident Response Service

MCPc‘s Incident Response Service provides industry expert support to help you quickly respond to an active incident. Our experts, available 24/7/365, are a phone call away when an incident happens. MCPc will help identify the initial steps to contain and control an incident, with initial contact by an incident commander within 4 hours and can be deployed to be on-site within 24 hours (dependent upon travel). Together, our experts will guide you through how to execute your incident response plan and develop a resource and recovery plan. 

Recovery Service

MCPc‘s Incident Response Recovery Service will provide the resources you need to help return to full operations from an incident. Our cybersecurity experts will assist with identifying the root cause, patient zero, and/or entry point of the attack. If deemed necessary, our experts will assist with network shutdown to protect other assets within your organization. From there we assist with mitigation and recovery of your systems, as well as provide lessons learned and advise on any remediation efforts that should be implemented. 

Recovery may include rebuilding workstations, servers, deploying systems, or recovering data from backup systems. 

Compliance Service

MCPc‘s Incident Response Compliance Service provides advisory and coordination support with key cybersecurity breach assessment, notification, and reporting requirements for each jurisdiction in which your organization operates. This specialized service helps you successfully navigate complex federal and state regulatory requirements. 

MCPc‘s provides subject matter experts that will provide valuable input on how your organization interacts with law enforcement and other government authorities. 

Service Level Agreement

  • An Incident Manager will respond to client request for emergency assistance within four (4) hours. 
  • If client requests on-site assistance in the continental U.S., MCPc will make a concerted effort to arrive on-site within twenty-four (24) hours. Response time outside the continental U.S. is subject to travel carrier and visa availability. MCPc will make commercially reasonable efforts to respond to client travel requests. 
  • $15,000.00 incident declaration fee will be waived 
  • In the event of an incident, client will receive 15% discount off of the most current published incident response rates and the hours consumed will be billed as actual in a separate invoice. 

Program Development


The development phase of an information security program involves a thorough understanding and realistic assessment of the threat environment and associated risks to the client business. 

MCPc’s Information Security Program Development provides an assessment and strategy for improving any of the client chosen critical security programs. Many organizations may be looking to improve the Incident Response Program, or build out a Vendor Risk Management Program. MCPc, with its vast industry experience and depth of subject-matter experts, can tailor industry specific programs for clients to help improve the overall security program, by refining and developing components of the existing IT Security Program. 

MCPc focuses on security that is important to the client organization and a way to implement sound security practices that are both practical and achievable. The business benefits from a Program Development engagement are considerable. Many organizations may not have the time to invest in program strategy and development. Not only do these programs help ensure that a business’ security risks are managed, but that there is continual growth and maturation in the IT Security Program, via the strategy and roadmap provided.