Cyber Attack Protection & Strategy for Businesses

The Economist magazine recently conducted a survey of CEOs on what crises most affected business in 2016. The results should interest technology professionals – especially those of us charged with oversight of information, data, security and end-user compute strategy.

The survey defined crises as major events like product recalls, trade wars, and cyber-attacks – anything outside the ordinary course of business. Virtually all of the 537 executives surveyed reported facing at least one major crisis, but the majority – three out of four – defined the number one corporate risk in 2016 as cyber-attack

Here’s what these CEOs – and most likely yours – know: 
  • All companies face longstanding, standard drivers of crises like financial instability. And the majority will also face major or minor political disruptions that can easily upset business (Brexit, presidential politics, wars, and terror). 
  • But when our 537 CEOs were asked what the greatest source of risk to businesses was in 2016 and 2017, cyber-insecurity topped the list. 

Ready to defend your strategy against cyber-attack?

MCPc clients are. A full 24 months before cyber insecurity became the #1 business risk in the world, MCPc invested millions of dollars in highly trained security experts and facilities like SkyPark. Our investment has produced a lock-tight chain-of-custody process around SECURE TECHNOLOGY LOGISTICS that mitigates most threats against our customers’ devices and data. 

The investment we make in our business is like an investment in your business.

MCPc has been doing business since before the computer became personal. We’ve always been a pacesetter in the critical technologies that impact business. When we ask our customers to define what we do best, they talk about the investment we make back into our business that translates into an investment into their business.  

Images from The Economist magazine