Cyber Master Class presented by MCPc and McDonald Hopkins

The Cyber Master Class is a 5-part webinar series examining the cybersecurity landscape and the anatomy of a data breach.

The series is intended for: 

  • Business and Technology Leaders: Owners, C-Suite, VP/Director.
  • Legal, Risk/Compliance, Technology, Communications Influencers.
  • Mid-Market to Large Organizations: Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Diversified Services, and more.

Session 5: How it all comes together: The anatomy of a data breach

Recorded December 10, 2020

Over the last four sessions we have examined the cybersecurity landscape. Join us now for the final session, The Anatomy of a Data Breach, to see how it all comes together.

In Cyber Master Class Session 5, we will take you deep inside a breach as our panelists walk you through a real-life ransomware incident timeline. It will be an information packed session.

Session 4: Incident Response Planning

Recorded November 19, 2020

With cyberattacks accelerating at an alarming rate having an Incident Response Plan is essential for every business. In Cyber Master Class Session 4 our Legal, Risk, Technology, and Communications presenters take an in-depth look at how to establish and practice an Incident Response Plan.

Session 3: How your technology partner drives data protection

Recorded October 29, 2020

Building on the first two classes which saw the FBI and CISA define the cyber threat landscape and McDonald Hopkins and Oswald Companies explore the legal and risk imperatives around cyber, in Class #3, MCPc delineates how your technology partner drives data protection. The session explores the elements of a Five Phase cybersecurity approach: Planning, Prevention, Detection, Response, and Recovery. Presenters include MCPc Security Principals Gunner Wagh and Christopher Prewitt.

Session 2: Understanding the Legal and Risk Imperatives 

Recorded October 8, 2020

Members of McDonald Hopkins Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice Group, including Co-Chairs Jim Giszczak and Dominic Paluzzi, join Oswald Companies Vice President and Cyber Strategic Leader Lacy Rex to examine topics including:

  • Cybersecurity is a team effort guided by your legal and risk advisors
  • Roles that make up the team
  • Developing a cyber protection protocol
  • Understanding the legal, regulatory, compliance, and privacy concerns and how they tie back to threats
  • Cyber breach insurance options
  • Case Stories: Bottom Line Pain
  • Resources for additional knowledge: Legal & Risk Checklist

Session 1: The clear and present danger of cyber threats 

Recorded September 24, 2020

Experts from the FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency discussed the clear and present danger of cyber attacks and explained how law enforcement regularly partners with the private sector to share information and expertise that helps organizations become more secure. Panelists: Eric Smith (Special Agent in Charge, FBI Cleveland), Chris Gabbard (CISA, Cybersecurity Advisor, Region 5), Gunner Wagh (MCPc, Security Principal), Dominic Paluzzi (Member, McDonald Hopkins, Co-Chair of Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice Group.