MCPc Responds to Talent Shortfall Impacting NEO Businesses


The Challenge

While I wasn’t surprised, it is still disconcerting to read an article in Crain’s Cleveland Business that Information Technology professionals lead the list of jobs that are hardest for Northeast Ohio companies in 18 counties to find and fill.

Crain’s was citing a TeamNEO report, released this week, which says the region isn't keeping up with the demand for entry-level information technology candidates in the fields that will have the greatest need for new workers between now and 2020. Topping the list of those fields is IT.

In information technology, which is expected to grow rapidly, Team NEO found a mismatch between the demand for entry-level IT workers based on 2016 jobs postings and the number of IT credentials awarded in 2015.

The shortage was 1,269 IT workers, though the report noted that that counts only entry-level candidates from the region and doesn't include candidates who might have completed degree or training programs outside the area. But the study says it believes that the research measurement is meaningful for Northeast Ohio, a region that is not seeing a large influx of people.

The shortfall isn’t only impacting companies already in the region, but is often critical in decisions businesses make about where to expand.

Source: Team NEO

MCPc's Response

MCPc responds to this shortfall in two ways.  First, we help businesses – large and small – in Northeast Ohio find or fill general or specific entry-level information technology roles that are essential to business.

As one of the oldest and most established and experienced technology service providers in the region, MCPc includes Talent Solutions as part of its core business. Today, we provide or source on-site talent for hundreds of companies spanning such verticals as healthcare, manufacturing, banking, and education.  

MCPc can assign staff long- or short-term to a company and helps find, screen and recruit permanent IT professionals of all types and levels.

We are supporting clients' projects with talent solutions that helps them complete projects on time and on budget. As a result, our clients see quicker returns on their IT investments.

We can provide you talent solutions as needed on a prescriptive basis from our team of engineers. We can, and do, hire entry-level information technology talent and grow their career’s while they support our clients. Our staff retention continues to exceed the national averages.  Additionally, we manage technical teams on customer sites and deliver measurable outcomes with efficient and effective support of non-core business functions.

These kinds of results come from our experience in the talent solutions business and our access to the actual talent that is talking with our teams daily.   

The second way MCPc is responding to the shortfall in IT talent is by working with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and with several universities, to provide students with “earn while you learn” internships that bridge the talent gap. 

The gap is significant in three sectors in particular — information technology, manufacturing and high-level health care. All three sectors are serviced currently by MCPc, with local clients including Timken, Parker Hannifin, and, University Hospitals others ranging in size from enterprise to SMB.

To learn how MCPc Talent Solutions can help your business, allow me to introduce myself to you.  I’d be happy to meet you at your place of business and provide you with more information. 

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