MCPc & HP Security Roundtable Cincinnati

6/7/2017 11:00 AM |

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
100 East Freedom Way
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Join MCPc and HP for a roundtable discussion about the most critical topics in IT Security led by IT Security expert, Robert Eckman.

Robert Eckman heads MCPc's head security division as CISO with 20+ years of IT security experience. He established the Nuclear Energy Institute 08-09 Cyber Security Program for Nuclear Reactors. He chairs the Nuclear Information Technology and Strategic Leadership group ( and is on the Core Team for the NEI Cyber Security Task Force. Mr. Eckman will be strategic to DSW’s MCPc deployment team, helping to navigate the daily regulatory compliance challenges.

Topics Include:


  • Behavior based and Artificial Intelligence
  • Growing realization that Perimeter Defenses are not enough
  • Best practices inside the network
  • Alignment of alerts to the assurance level of the assets
  • IOT introduces very different risks. Especially for verticals like Healthcare
  • Best practices to include layered control structure


  • Most organizations are responsible for many, sometimes competing, security frameworks
  • Industry assumes they're compliant. But is it only covering the baseline?
  • Security standards are dated out of the box, meant to address yesterday's problems
  • OCR Ransomware guidance and ambiguity
  • Compliant at birth drifts over time
  • Is compliance the hammer pushing organiztions to address security?


  • Educating the workforce: Tying security into operations
  • Internship Programs & Externships... 
  • Many students don't understand the controls or how to apply them
  • Gaining tech skills but very little knowledge of actual NIST or ISO cyber controls
  • Better tech is driving better education... simulated lab based training is easier today


We hope you'll join us!

Event Date: June 7th
Event Time: 11am - 1pm (lunch provided)
Event Location: Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, 100 East Freedom Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202

download the event flyer here.