Put a Protective Forcefield Around Your Business Data


Full-spectrum cybersecurity from MCPc provides a protective forcefield around your business data.
We help you plan, prepare, manage, and protect your business data, and the devices it is created on, to minimize their risk of a cyber-attack created by vulnerabilities in your people, processes, and technology.


Cyber as a Service Subscription Program

MCPc Cybersecurity as a Service is a comprehensive and affordable way to assess your organization’s cyber maturity, develop a security plan, learn what immediate actions to take to address critical risks, and practice what to do in the event of a breach.
  • Dramatically improves cyber maturity
  • Minimizes business disruption in the event of a breach
  • Helps ensure operational continuity
  • Mitigates financial, data, operational, compliance, and reputation risk

Managed Patching

Keeping your systems current and secure can be time consuming and costly. MCPc Managed Patching a cost-effective, managed approach to protect and update your endpoints. Managed Patching deploys patches for Microsoft and common third-party software patches your business uses daily.
  • Deploy critical & security patches
  • Proactive patch push for emerging threats
  • On-demand patch removal

Endpoint Detection and Response

Traditional antivirus can no longer keep up with today’s emerging threats and a firewall is simply not enough. Sophisticated endpoint protection software combined with 24/7/365 expert monitoring by MCPc creates a complete and robust endpoint protection and response package that keeps your users (and your data) safe.
  • Reduces the cost and time required to protect your endpoints​
  • ​Centrally protects devices that are non-domain joined or off-corporate network​
  • Real-time incident alerts​
  • ​Protection includes signature, heuristic, behavioral and root kit detection​​