Veeam Cloud Connect

Backup to the cloud with MCPc and Veeam Cloud Connect

MCPc and Veeam have partnered to deliver a powerful service that helps our customers extend data protection outside of their data center. Modern business strategy requires that data availability be enhanced by locating copies of your data in multiple, geographically diverse locations to guard against potential disasters.

MCPc Backup as a Service with Veeam Cloud Connect

Hosted offsite backups: Locate your backups offsite to an MCPc data center through a secure SSL connection.

Complete visibility and control: Access and recover data directly from the backup console; track cloud repository consumption and receive reminders for hosted storage renewals.

A modern backup architecture: Leverage modern backup technology, including Backup Copy jobs with built-in WAN Acceleration, forever incremental backups and more.

End-to-End encryption: Rest easy by encrypting all data at source (before it leaves your network perimeter), in flight and at rest, without negatively impacting the data reduction ratios of built-in 


Top Level Datacenter Security

  • Combination lock cabinets 

  • 24/7/365 monitored video surveillance 

  • Alarmed and monitored perimeter doors 

  • Access controls 

  • Foot patrols 


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To learn more about how MCPc and Veeam can optimize your datacenter experience, e-mail Dale Phillips ( or call (440) 268-4395 to set up a one-on-one consultation!