As an educator of today's generation, you are faced with a formidable challenge. You need to engage your digital-native students through the proliferating variety of media that is an intuitive part of their everyday lives. And you need to do it with shrinking budgets and often hopelessly out-of-date technology. That's why we launched the anyplace learningspace™ -- combining virtualization, mobility, video and interactive technology to deliver a truly immersive classroom experience.

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School District Goes Interactive in the Classroom


Ohio ITC Leverages FlexPod IaaS Solution to Deliver IT Services On Demand

An Ohio provider of shared IT services to school districts needed to upgrade its infrastructure, but it also was looking for a way to avoid a large capital expenditure for this and future overhauls. MCPc designed and delivered a FlexPod-based IaaS solution in an OpEx financial model that allows the organization to deliver IT services as a utility to its members through a private cloud platform with scalability.


MCPc selected as OARnet Partner

MCPc, a nationwide technology consultancy and integrator, selected as one of 7 partners nationally to help OARnet members with virtualization, cloud, and end-user I.T. needs.


The process to enable an anyplace learningspace is a continuous cycle of assessment, planning, project implementation and evaluation. With an anyplace learningspace Readiness Assessment, MCPc will help you examine the current state of your environment and determine the steps needed to better align technologies with the vision of the education organization. The assessment is modeled after the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Essential Conditions for Effectively Leveraging Technology for Learning and leverages the deep technology capabilities of MCPc. It provides school leaders with the inputs needed to establish an actionable roadmap to providing an anyplace learningspace environment for their stakeholders.

An assessment looks at 3 key components:

  • Readiness for change
  • Capacity for supporting education technology
  • Technology access and infrastructure

Once the assessment is complete, you decide what the next steps are based on goals and funding availability. The projects are scoped, managed and evaluated, and after each project, the assessment results are evaluated based on market conditions, and the cycle starts again.

The Technology Behind the anyplace learningspace

Several technology components contribute to making the anyplace learningspace a reality. We've worked with school districts and other educational organizations to:

  • Procure, configure and deploy thousands of student PCs, notebooks and tablets, utilizing close partnerships with Dell, HP, Apple, Lenovo, Samsung and Google
  • Procure and install audio-visual technology, including SMARTBoards, projectors, Mondopads and document cameras

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