Health Care IT

Health Care IT is central to many of today's toughest challenges in medicine. Doctors and nurses want to work with mobile devices; an aging population and tightening regulations are increasing the pressure to deliver efficient, effective care in and out of the hospital. MCPc is helping healthcare institutions address these challenges with the anyplace workspace® -- an IT strategy built on virtualization, collaboration, mobility and security to create a more connected, more efficient and more satisfying work experience for caregivers. 



Our healthcare IT experts will work with you to create an environment to support mobile caregivers. A comprehensive solution for healthcare:

  • Enables centralized and simplified management of IT assets, which makes it easier to deliver them as a service across large, complicated and growing health systems
  • Provides caregiver access to the EMR and all other critical applications from any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Makes possible face-to-face video consultation between clinicians, patients, payers and others across locations
  • Gives IT the tools to smartly manage data access and security in a mobilized world