Custom Tailoring

Whether refreshing your endpoint fleet, updating software or repurposing hardware for a later date, imaging a desktop, notebook (Windows, Chrome or macOS), enrolling your mobile device (iOS or Android) or even configuring your IOT devices is a time-consuming task. If imaging is done incorrectly it can result in significant security risks, unexpected support incidents, and a poor user experience.

MCPc images endpoint devices using tools and an approach that minimizes end user downtime and ensures consistency. MCPc’s Image Load Services apply, test and validate your image and settings prior to final shipment.

Ongoing Management

For end-point devices to be secure they require a current image. They must contain the current version of the manufacturer’s BIOS and drivers, up to date antivirus, current user access privileges, and they must be patched.

MCPc’s image management services augment traditional end-point provisioning through ongoing management to keep customized images current. We take a managed approach to operating system, BIOS/firmware, and application package updates.

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