Security Program Assessments

The MCPc Security and Cyber Team has deep and profound cybersecurity experience and can help evaluate your business’s preparedness against cyber threats.
Our security experts will review and analyze your existing security program and make suggestions to improve its effectiveness; review your Standard Operating Procedures and Incident Response Plans; and develop a Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) to respond to security incidents. These network security assessments all provide actionable steps to improve your readiness to respond to a security incident and point out areas where you can improve your security position.

Table Top Simulations

The MCPc Security Team can perform table top exercises with your company’s IT and security staff to determine how prepared you are in the event you have a data breach.
Table top simulations can help your organization identify weaknesses in your technology and incident response plans, and help you understand different types of cyber threats so you can modify your strategies for preventing and / or responding to them.
MCPc table top simulations take participants through a simulated security incident and ask a series of questions to highlight possible flaws in your incident response plans. Only by knowing your flaws can you fix them! Most companies are unprepared for a cyber-attack, which is why table top simulations are a valuable security assessment tool. It’s better to create a plan now than try to figure out what to do after an attack happens.

Security Vulnerability Assessments

MCPc network vulnerability assessments determine how effective your company’s operating system and third-party software patching operations are, how vulnerable your network is, and how well your security operations are being executed. Penetration testing uses similar tactics, techniques, and procedures to those of cyber criminals to test your security and how well your alerting, monitoring, and response functions perform under actual cyber-attack conditions.
Taken together, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing help you better understand your organization’s cyber risk profile.