MCPc SIEM as a Service

Log Management. We assemble all your organization's data logs to help determine normal and abnormal activity in your IT environment. Once we establish a baseline of network activity, we'll be able to identify suspicious events and respond appropriately.

Monitoring. Near real-time monitoring watches activity on your entire IT environment and compares it against established baseline activity.

Investigation. When an activity is red flagged as suspicious, our security experts analyze the event, and decide on a course of corrective action if it is a potential security incident.


MCPc SIEM as a Service provides:

  • Installation and integration of best-in-class SIEM tools
  • SIEM optimization based on your needs and requirements
  • On-premise or cloud-based installation
  • Dashboard that integrates and displays information from multiple sources
  • Automated Incident Response set up
  • Configuration of compliance reporting (HIPAA, FISMA, FERPA, SOX, PCI, etc.)

SIEM and Compliance

SIEM as a Service provides security to your organization by analyzing and recording attempted and successful breaches of your system and alerting you so you can react appropriately. To do business in regulated industries, you must be in compliance with specific rules and regulations, such as HIPAA or SOX.
We work with clients in many highly regulated industries like banking, financial services, education, and healthcare, and we understand the complexities of compliance. MCPc SIEM as a Service allows you to be compliant by detecting and reporting possible threats, and storing your data based on specific compliance guideline requirements. We’ll configure your SIEM services to generate the reports you need to prove compliance.
The bottom line: MCPc SIEM as a Service tools help monitor and analyze your endpoints, servers, networks, databases, and cloud services to keep your data secure, help you remain compliant, and achieve SecurityCertainty.