Proactive Management

The IT Service Desk acts as the single point of contact between end users and the service provider, handling day to day incidents and service requests. As such, it is positioned to act as an early warning system that can identify and preemptively address service issues. This provides the added benefit of proactive problem management to your company and end users. Our IT help desk services can also help you plan for downtimes due to preventative maintenance and service changes, hence reducing the impact of outages and service degradation for your employees.

Frontline Service Desk includes our Overwatch Remote Management solution which gives our analysts the ability to fix issues remotely should the need arise. Overwatch also allows us to generate quarterly reports which give you valuable data to utilize when you need to prove ROI or TCO. Utilizing this quarterly reporting system provides you with analytics that will help identify common problem areas and indicate where department funds might best be spent on future technology initiatives.

Keep Up-to-date on Service Issues and Outages

With our Desk Director Portal, you can keep your users up to date on service issues and outages. Through this solution we provide an online ticketing system through which an issue can be followed from initiation to resolution. Know what status a ticket is at any time so that issues can be resolved faster. You can also reach out to our service desk via chat through our web portal for streamlined service. Desk Director comes populated with a fully search-able Office 365 knowledge base with integrated training for commonly used programs like Word and Excel.

Gain Efficiency With MyGlue

Our Frontline Service Desk also includes MyGlue, an efficient and secure way to store and share passwords. This allows your employees to find answers to common questions quickly, engaging the service desk only as needed for more technical issues. MyGlue also provides a knowledge-base platform where any type of information that provides value to your organization about your day to day operations, applications and activities.

Secure Your Digital Footprint

Secure Your Digital Footprint
The average person has 130 online accounts. MyGlue allows you to store all of your work-related passwords securely, so you don’t have to remember every single one. Sharing passwords with your co-workers over email also becomes a thing of the past, because they can self-serve in MyGlue.

MyGlue helps you reclaim lost time and increase your efficiency. By storing all your mission critical passwords and information, including Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), in MyGlue, the entire team can access it whenever they need it.

Airtight Security

You can rest easy, knowing that MyGlue resides on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most secure cloud hosting platform, with SSL data encryption, SOC 2 compliance, and ongoing auditing. MyGlue also comes with a complete revision history and immutable audit trail, so you have full transparency over changes and permissions.

  • Link data together for ultimate efficiency
  • The whole team working from a single data source
  • 24x7x365 Help when you need it via phone, email or web chat
  • No more sensitive data over email or written on sticky notes
  • Centrally store, share, and access personal and team passwords, processes, and more
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