Monitor Everything

Overwatch Monitoring and Management provides anytime, anywhere monitoring for your systems coupled with powerful automated and manned response to provide meaningful remediation for detected faults, whether security or performance related.

Get notifications about availability, performance, and security issues for your servers and network devices from our 24x7x365 Security Operations Centers in Cleveland, OH and Erie, PA.

Define prescribed actions for our SOC to take in response to alerts that are raised by monitoring.

Quickly determine the health of your datacenter and network environment across multiple sites - including cloud workloads such as servers running in Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Gain secure, audited, remote control of your infrastructure without the need for VPN connectivity for management.

Maximize Your Time and Investment

Our Tools-as-a-Service approach gives you the flexibility to manage your datacenter with your team alone, or integrate with our 24/7 on-shore Service Desk and Security Operations Center (SOC).

Using our solution, your team won’t spend time integrating and maintaining a management toolset. Instead, they can immediately start gaining insight into the health of your servers and networks and start solving problems that impact the performance and security of your users and data.

Tools for Proactive Maintenance

You can fix issues without disrupting end users or causing downtime by using remote command lines and custom scripts, and by managing system processes and services. Set scheduled maintenance to run during off hours so you don’t disrupt your business or raise false downtime alarms. And take full advantage of our automation and scripting tools to help you perform bulk actions automatically across networks and work sites.

Robust Reporting

Overwatch’s robust reporting capabilities can help you do just this. From spotting trends in system performance results to compliance status, Overwatch provides the visibility you need to stay informed and keep your data center productive.

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