MCPc Has You Covered

Guardian pairs our multi-vendor patch management tool with focused staff and proven processes to deploy critical patches to your datacenter systems, ensuring compliance and protection against attacks that target these vulnerabilities. Deploying updates for common third party software like Oracle Java, Adobe Flash, and browsers like Chrome or Firefox, protects your servers from known risks. We manage the deployment and installation of security patches so that you can focus on more important business objectives.

Efficient Deployment in any Location

Our toolset uses an agent-based approach that allows for patching in your datacenter, a branch office, or a public cloud without the complex infrastructure requirements of other solutions. Our 24x7x365 Security Operations Center can manage reboots during night or weekend maintenance windows and ensure that systems return to service successfully after patching.

Centralized Management and Robust Reporting

With Guardian, we manage the patch configuration for your entire organization from one spot, with profiles available to meet differing compatibility needs. Reporting is available to to show you the current patch levels of devices, and give you visibility into what patch-related activities have been performed, while real-time patch monitoring provides deep insight into approved, unapproved, pending and failed patching efforts.

Robust Reporting

Overwatch’s robust reporting capabilities can help you do just this. From spotting trends in system performance results to compliance status, Overwatch provides the visibility you need to stay informed and keep your data center productive.

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