Efficient Patch Deployment in any Location

Managed Patching features an agent-based approach that allows for on or off network patching without the complex infrastructure requirements of other solutions. With any system that runs our agent, which downloads from our patch cache, network bandwidth is optimized. Devices that are roaming off of the corporate network can download and install patches from our cloud-based server.

Centralized Management and Reporting

We manage the patch configuration for your entire organization from one spot, with profiles available to meet differing compatibility needs. We also provide flexible scheduling options for user prompts that help enforce reboots as needed. The reporting console includes reports to show you the current patch levels of devices and give you visibility into what patch-related activities have been performed, while real-time patch monitoring provides deep insight into approved, unapproved, pending and failed patching efforts.

Not Just Windows

We manage endpoint patching of the most common third-party applications in addition to standard Microsoft® and Windows® patches. Our console provides a view of all patch statuses.

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