Centralized management and Reporting

In the past, endpoint backup just wasn’t a big concern for most IT organizations. Critical data created on desktop or laptop computers was routinely backed up to secure enterprise servers. Today, end users have a constant need to create, store and access business-critical information on endpoint devices, often without access to network drives.

The distributed nature of data affects IT organizations in terms of compliance, security, version control, manageability and cost. Cloud-based file solutions like OneDrive, Sharefile, and Dropbox can synchronize files to a central location, but they rely on users placing data in those synchronized locations.

Simple Managed Solution

Vault provides a simple, managed solution to back up important data quickly, reliably and efficiently without adding unnecessary burden to internal IT departments. Additionally, Vault does not force end users to use outdated methods like manually backing up their data to local or network drives or rely on them putting files that need protection into specific directories. Automated data backup to our secure cloud storage and ensures that your data is safe from loss.

Our Vault Endpoint Backup solution includes backup for all of your standard office files no matter where your users put them. This includes Microsoft Office and Microsoft Works files, iCloud files from Pages and Keynote, Word Perfect, and Adobe Acrobat. We also backup standard file types like rich text files, CSVs, TXT, and ODT.

When you choose Vault Premium you can back up any other file type on your endpoint, including system state and local SQL instances for custom applications.

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